PRAGUE — It's been 10 years since BelAmi's biggest star stepped in front of the camera. Upon bursting onto the scene with BelAmi in 1993, Lukas Ridgeston became an internationally beloved figure known for his iconic eyes, legitimate movie star looks, and his chiseled body of a Greek god. Since then, the name Lukas Ridgeston has been synonymous with BelAmi even after he left the spotlight to direct films for the last decade, spending 1993-2001 in front of the camera and 2003-2013 behind it... until now...

As part of BelAmi’s 20th anniversary celebration, George Duroy managed to convince Lukas to step in front of the camera one more time. In what is being billed as The Porn Event of the Decade, Lukas is back and in top form in the new film Forever Lukas, starring alongside BelAmi's new generation of stars, Jack Harrer, Kevin Warhol, Kris Evans and Gino Mosca. In a classic tale of rivalry, the film centers around the return of the world's most popular porn star (Lukas) and the battle that ensues between BelAmi's younger stars Kevin and Jack over who gets to star opposite the legendary Lukas so they too can get their chance at true porn superstardom.

The first and second scene from Forever Lukas is now playing exclusively on the newly redesigned BelAmiOnline tour.   

The film will roll out over the course of six days, but the promotion of it will be broken up into this week and next week with plenty of time to take advantage of increased sales.

Forever Lukas Release Schedule:

10-23-13: Live now, debut episode starring Kevin Warhol and Gino Mosca

BelAmi's new star, Kevin Warhol, is eagerly awaiting his chance at true porn superstardom by playing opposite the legendary Lukas, only to find out that the other new BelAmi star, Jack Harrer, has outmaneuvered him and landed the role for himself. Devastated, Kevin stays at home while the other boys go off to have fun, but finds comfort in Gino Mosca.

10-24-13: Live now, Lukas warms up by directing Kris Evans in his first-ever condom-free scene.

Back on the set, Lukas is nervously preparing to film the opening scene with Jack Harrer and Kris Evans. This scene features BelAmi star Kris Evans appearing in his first condom-free scene ever as he tops another BelAmi fan favorite, Jack Harrer.

10-25-13: Lukas Ridgeston is back in front of the camera for a double jerk off with Kris Evans.

In the third scene, Lukas decides to jump in the shower before jumping in front of the camera with Kris and Jack. Kris, however, has a different idea and doesn’t plan to share Lukas with Jack. He is waiting on the bed as Lukas emerges from the shower. Two of BelAmi's biggest shooters then JO together to see which of them can blow the hardest and furthest. 

10-26-13:  Lukas Ridgeston in his comeback sex scene, condom-free, topping Jack Harrer.

In typical soap opera fashion, Jack is now determined to get Lukas to himself and, having just been fucked by Kris, he is ready to take on Lukas. This is Lukas Ridgeston's first new scene and his first scene ever filmed condom-free.

10-27-13:  Finale, Lukas Ridgeston and Kris Evans top Jack Harrer.

Finally, we get back on story with our crew of boys and Luke Hamill is on hand to film the long awaited special with Lukas and Kris both topping Jack. In a tag team fucking effort, Lukas shows us that he really still has what it takes to be the king of porn and Kris the crown prince. Jack, as our emerging star, is up to the task of bringing out the best in both of them.  

10-28-13: Finale bonus Lukas Ridgeston and Kevin Warhol sex scene. 

No tale involving Kevin is ever complete until he gets his way. In the finale to Forever Lukas, we learn that Kevin and Lukas had secretly made a home video earlier when Kevin (very much the cunning one) had seduced Lukas. Not willing to leave his future ‘stardom’ to chance, Kevin had actually planned for Jack’s scheming and made sure that he had got there first… now he just has to make sure that he gets into the movie, as well.