Zero Tolerance Entertainment announced today that the adult bookstore, F Street, has included it on a new billboard on the Mexico side of the U.S./Mexico border.

According to the company, the billboard falls in line with Zero Tolerance's plans to increase its visibility to North America's Spanish-speaking population. As economic and census reports indicate, the Hispanic demographic is increasing at a rapid rate. As a result, Zero Tolerance is allocating a percentage of their marketing budget to pursue this group.

"I'd like to thank F Street Bookstore for this wonderful marketing opportunity," said Zero Tolerance president Greg Alves.

"For some time now, we've understood the increase in buying power that the Latin people are experiencing. For months now, all of our movies have had a 'bonus Spanish language track,' in an effort to get an entrée into the Spanish-speaking market."

The billboard is strategically placed on the south side of the Mexican border, where cars entering the United States are often experiencing up to a five-minute delay directly in front of the billboard.

"We approached Zero Tolerance for the billboard because they are the first company to offer the Spanish audio track on every DVD, clearly labeled on the front cover. Zero Tolerance is already reaping the benefit among the Hispanic market here in San Diego," offered F Street's Ben Gonzales.

"Zero Tolerance is recognized as the consumer-friendly adult company," added Alves. "It's with that in mind that we want our Spanish speaking customers to feel secure in knowing that we recognize their needs."