Fire breathing feature dancer and adult video star, Jennifer Steele, is telling friends that she is lucky to be alive after Hurricane Wilma struck her Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home.

“It’s crazy down here,” Steele said. “I’ve spent the last four hours trying to figure out how to conserve the eighth tank of gas. The city has gas, but no way to power the pumps, so even if you want to get out of here, you can’t.

"We no longer have running water and it we did, we can’t drink it."

This did not stop her busy November schedule.

Steele eventually made it out of Fort Lauderdale, safe and sound, and is now in San Francisco where she will play with fire troupe, LSD Fuego until Wednesday.

Then, she is off to New York to tape for Steele will then return to her home state and perform at Gold Club in Clearwater, Nov. 16-19.

One of her last assignments this month is shooting Jennifer Steele Does Cannibus Cup.

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