LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment has renewed its pursuit of Nadya “Octomom” Suleman to perform in one of its company’s movies. Vivid founder/co-chairman now is offering the Mom of 14 children $500,000 to perform in one scene.

Hirsch initially offered Suleman $1 million to film a movie last year, but was rejected.

However, the timing may be right for him this time around.

TMZ reported that the Octomom is facing foreclosure on her house and faces eviction on Oct. 9. She owes $450,000 in back rent due in one balloon payment.

"We have an easy and ready solution for you to relieve yourself of this financial problem,” Hirsch wrote to Suleman. “We are offering you the opportunity to perform in one scene, for one hour in one of our movies and we will pay you up to $500,000.

"We can arrange for this to happen quickly so that you will get paid in advance of your October deadline.

"We urge you to give our offer serious consideration. We will work closely with you in planning your scene to make this an enjoyable experience for you.”

With such dire circumstances surrounding her, will Octomom take the porn plunge? Maybe the third time will be a charm for Hirsch and Vivid.