An August appearance on the O’Reilly Factor by Vivid Girls Savanna Samson and Sunrise Adams allegedly left conservative pundit Bill O’Reilly “excited” enough to call his associate producer at her home for unsolicited phone sex.

Andrea Mackris, a 33-year-old associate producer on The O'Reilly Factor, accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed October 13. The suit alleges that O’Reilly engaged in a consistent pattern of sexual harassment over a span of two years.

One of the many occasions Mackris claims she was subjected to unsolicited phone sex was immediately after Samson and Adams appeared on the O’Reilly Factor on August 2 of this year. The Vivid Girls were on the show to promote Vivid’s sexual advice book How to Have a XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide.

Adams appeared via satellite from the West Coast, but Samson was in the New York studio with O’Reilly. Samson said she conversed with O’Reilly after their segment was taped but nothing unusual or salacious was said.

“He was nothing but a perfect gentleman,” Samson told

Yet Mackris’ lawsuit claims that O’Reilly called her at her home after the show and “launched into a vile and degrading monologue about sex.”

During the course of the alleged monologue, O’Reilly is said to have suggested that his associate producer purchase a vibrator, then described to her a vibrator that he had been given.

Mackris alleges that it “became apparent” O’Reilly was masturbating as he spoke.

Before the lawsuit was made public, O'Reilly filed his own claim against Mackris and her attorney, Benedict Morelli, accusing them of trying to extort $60 million from him.

“This is the single most evil thing I have ever experienced,” O’Reilly told his television audience October 13.

O’Reilly has suggested the lawsuit may be a political attack, as Morelli has made donations to the Democratic Party.

However, Mackris was an intern at the White House during George Bush Sr.’s administration.

Mackris’ suit alleges O’Reilly’s harassment began in May 2002, shortly after Mackris and her long-term fiancé ended their relationship. According to the lawsuit, O’Reilly invited her to dinner to discuss her future with Fox. He gave her a raise – and some sexual advice.

The suit alleges that he encouraged Mackris to pick up 23-year-old men and to use a vibrator “to blow off steam.”

Mackris said she denied having a vibrator, and asked the father of two if his wife did. O’Reilly is said to have replied, “Yes, in fact, she does. She’d kill me if she knew I was telling you.”

O’Reilly then allegedly offered to teach Mackris how to masturbate with a vibrator, and told her stories of a sexual nature as he coached her over the phone.

In March of 2003, O’Reilly took Mackris and one of her college friends to dinner, during which he allegedly suggested a ménage a trios and told the women about his first sexual experience (in a car at JFK), sex with Scandinavian stewardesses, and other lewd tales.

On September 1, during this year’s Republican convention, Mackris returned a call from O’Reilly, anticipating a work-related conversation. Instead, she claimed she heard “lewd and lascivious, unsolicited and disturbing sexually-graphic talk.”

During this call O’Reilly allegedly informed Mackris that he was watching an unidentified adult video and revealed his fantasies concerning Caribbean vacations – then preceded to describe a fantasy vacation, where she accompanied O’Reilly to the Caribbean.

According to published reports, a number of legal analysts have suggested that Mackris may have taped this particular call, for O’Reilly’s alleged monologue on this night is quoted at great length in her lawsuit.

According to the suit, O’Reilly said he’d like to give Mackris a few glasses of wine, then he’d join her in the shower, where, “I’d be rubbing your big boobs and getting your nipples really hard, kinda kissing your neck from behind.”

O’Reilly then allegedly offered to go down on Mackris while she played with his “big cock” but not to complete the fellatio, “because you’re like a tease.” Then they would have sexual intercourse.

The suit further claims that, during the call “it became clear [O’Reilly] was using a vibrator on himself, and that he ejaculated. Plaintiff was repulsed.”

Fox News, Fox parent News Corp., and Westwood One Inc., the syndicator of O'Reilly's radio show, are listed in Mackris’ suit as co-defendants.

Fox News is listed alongside O’Reilly as a plaintiff in O’Reilly’s suit against Mackris and her lawyer.