Video Team contract star India, who is also a singer and rap artist, performed a song for The Rock's new film Walking Tall that opens in movie theaters nationwide today.

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India wrote the lyrics on the spot after hearing the music in the producer's office in late February; she recorded the track the next day. Just 48 hours later, on March 2, the 27-year-old beauty had her pussy and ass molded for her California Exotic Novelties exclusive toy line.

India originally wrote an X-rated version with nasty lyrics, but the film was changed from an R-rating to PG-13 literally overnight.

"It was too raw, so we had to go back in and fix up some parts if it was going to be a PG-13 audience," India said.

India told the song is a "playful and sexy" mix of singing and rapping and it was slated for a club scene in the movie, though that could change. Dr. Dre's camp made the hook for it.

India's music career is on the verge of hitting the next level. Today at Video Team's North Hollywood headquarters, she will shoot the cover of her forthcoming album for her group The Heat. The Heat consists of India and Ty James, who is the daughter of "punk-funk" icon Rick James.

India will release her first new single - either "It's a Menais-a-trois" or "Hey DJ" - on her Website in two weeks. She plans to drop The Heat's yet-to-be-titled album about a month later. India said there are record labels interested in distributing the album, but now it's a matter of deciding which one is the best fit.

India's first album, Hi Naturally, came out in 1994 through Quality Records/Warlock Records when she was in a singing group called Harmony Innocent. The six-year veteran of the adult industry was profiled on VH1's All Access hip-hop/porn special in July 2002. She has been working on her latest album for two years.

"The reason why it took so long for my music is because I developed into something so good now that if I would've come out before, like right after the VH1 special, no one would've taken me seriously," India said. "I was not where I am now. I was just beginning to be a rapper. Right now I'm so confident as an artist and with my skills. I know how to sing and rap. I wasn't ready then. I'm glad it took so long. I can compete now."

As for her adult work, India is the headlining star of Video Team's Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz American Sex Series, which is ranked No. 1 on the Top 75 Adult Bookstore Rentals & Sales chart in the April issue of AVN.

She picks her adult projects carefully nowadays because she is focused on her music career.

"I try to balance it out. I'm not doing a whole lot of films right now," India said, adding that she is also working on starting her own production company.