Tera Vision, the company owned by Tera Patrick and her rock star husband Evan Seinfeld, has signed Nikki Benz and Lucy Lee as its first exclusive contract girls.

Benz and Lee both agreed to three-year deals in which they will headline their own productions as well as perform in others starring Patrick. Tera Vision titles are distributed exclusively by Vivid Entertainment Group in the U.S. and Private in Europe.

“This is probably the biggest step that I’ve taken with my career because Tera’s such a big name in the adult industry and Tera Vision and is trying to do something that no other company is doing with their contracts,” said Benz, the gorgeous Toronto native who now resides in Los Angeles.

Benz formerly was under contract with Jill Kelly Productions and Pleasure Productions. She has performed in only about 30 adult films in just under three years.

“My contract with them is by far the best contract I’ve ever had,” Benz continued. “They’re trying to make sure that the girls are happy and they’re going to give girls residuals for every movie that we’re in. It’s very exciting to be part of the family and they treat me really well.”

Lee, a native of Torrance, Calif., has made a name for herself in over 350 sex scenes since 2003. The Korean hottie said she had just joined the growing Tera Patrick Agency when the opportunity became available.

“It’s very exciting. They offered me a very, very good deal,” Lee said Thursday. “Tera and me get along so well, and they told me they were looking for an Asian contract girl, so here I am.

“I am extremely happy about this. Every day is a good day, so I look forward to everything that’s going to come up. We just started so there is a lot of stuff to come. I just can’t wait.”

A short time after Lee joined the TPA she and Patrick did a Flirt4Free session, and then Patrick requested her for some website work.

“We started hanging out after that,” Lee said.

Patrick and Seinfeld recently visited a sex convention in New Zealand, and then vacationed on the island of Fiji. Patrick is still in Australia doing some mainstream print work, while Seinfeld returned to Los Angeles to handle the overflow of business and make the announcements.

“We didn’t rush to make an announcement until we shot the girls,” Seinfeld told AVN.com. “We're really happy with their performances. All the girls will be performing anal and more in their movies. Tera’s whole philosophy in the movies we’re making is that Tera will be in their movies, and they will be in Tera’s movies.”

Seinfeld continued, “Our contracts are different than any other in that we actually give girls residuals and pay them on their movie sales. We feel people should [have an incentive] to promote their product. … We’re trying to change the way it’s done.”

Seinfeld said Tera Vision plans to raise both starlets’ profiles in the mainstream as well as adult.

“Tera feels Nikki Benz is one of prettiest and classiest girls in the whole industry,” Seinfeld said. “She’s been a contract girl with Jill Kelly and with Pleasure Productions, and we feel they all did something right with her because her image is so positive.”

Benz has already shot for a European edition of Maxim and Seinfeld said there are plans to bring her to magazines like FHM, for which Patrick now shoots regularly.

“It’s not an easy nut to crack, otherwise every porn star in the business would be in mainstream magazines,” Seinfeld noted. “Because Tera has so much mainstream attention already, we want the overflow work to benefit the girls within our company. We feel that Nikki can really crossover in a big mainstream way.”

Seinfeld said that Lee was a natural fit.

“Lucy Lee is super hot and an exciting performer. She has done some of the hottest scenes we've seen,” he said. “We think her exotic beauty will be popular with Tera’s already captive audience that appreciates exotic beauty. Even after the huge success of Reign of Tera, we think the Asian market will never cool off. We’ve lined her up for her own mainstream campaign. We're taking a look at the import [car] scene, and fashion and glamour as well.”

Benz told AVN.com that she actually got introduced to Seinfeld and Patrick after Robert from Tera Vision found her on myspace.com. Tera Vision and Benz came to an agreement after discussing it for much of the summer.

“The thing with Tera Vision movies is they really concentrate on quality of the movies and not quantity,” Benz said. “With JKP it was more about quantity over quality. But whatever happened with Jill Kelly, I hope that Jill gets her company back because she’s such a wonderful person.”

While Benz had seen Patrick before at the AVN Awards, “I never went up to her or anything. I always admired her. She’s so beautiful and exotic looking.”

The two worked together for the first time in the small town of Ohana on the Hawaiian island of Maui in August.

“The background was the ocean and palm trees,” Benz said. “The sun was going down and I got to see the sunset. It was very beautiful.”

Benz also did an anal scene for the first time while on the trip that is expected to be in part two of the yet-to-be-titled project. She said she would be performing in one anal scene in each of her movies.

“I’ve done it in my personal life, I wanted to do it for the fans,” she said.

Lee, meanwhile, performed in a girl/girl with Patrick, a boy/girl and a b/g/g in Hawaii.

She said when she first started that, “I just really was trying to make money, and I made a shitload of money. I didn’t think anything would come of it. I just did it and then the next thing I knew I was working every day. Now at mainstream parties I get recognized more than mainstream people do.”

Lee first met Patrick on a Vivid set last year.

“I love her,” she said. “She’s like the nicest person ever. I’ve seen her day after day and she doesn’t change.”

Seinfeld said that Tera Vision is not finished signing girls.

“I would look for new Tera Vision contract girls, and I’ll go as far as to say that based on Tera Patrick, who’s arguably the best looking porn star of all time, that we’re looking to have the hottest lineup of girls of any company in the business. We don’t think that’s a stretch.”

He added, “Our mission statement is to make hot, erotic films that raise the bar of what is the hottest sex you can see and what is classy.

"... Resource Media is doing PR for Tera Vision and Tera Patrick along with Lizzy Grubman in New York City. We’ve made a commitment to spare no expense to take Tera Vision and its contract girls to the next level.”