Sineplex Entertainment and the Girls of Sineplex will host an unofficial kickoff party for Erotica L.A. on Thursday at On the Rox on the Sunset Strip.

The event is guest list only. To attend RSVP to or visit

"We need everyone's name on the list and groups of guys and single guys might not want to waste their time because they won't get in. You have to bring girls," Travis Nestor, marketing director for Sineplex, told Monday. "There will be no 'plus ones.'"

Sineplex will be passing out "tons" of free product throughout the night.

"Due to the nature of the event, no cameras or videotaping will be allowed inside," Nestor said. "There will be a lot of naughtiness."

Erotica L.A. starts Friday at the L.A. Convention Center and continues through Sunday.