Las Vegas Novelties' stars Serenity and Jacklyn Lick have been nominated for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) Sexiest Vegetarians. Serenity and Jacklyn, longtime animal activists, are nominated with the likes of Julia Stiles, Natalie Portman and Pamela Anderson. 

The full list of nominees is at PETA’s Website, where the public can vote for their favorite vegetarian celebrity. Of course, even though Serenity and Lick join the company of other well-known head turners, this  “beauty contest” is really about raising awareness for PETA’s message of a cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle. 

“A lot of people dismiss animals as a resource. But they are a lot more than that, they just don’t have voices to stand up for themselves, so they need people to stand up and speak out for them,” Serenity told 

Serenity has been involved with PETA for at least three years, participating in the PETA ball, fundraising auctions and doing both radio and TV interviews on their behalf.

She is also involved with the Pleather Yourself campaign, which Lick also participates in. Pleather Yourself encourages people to stop wearing leather items, suggesting substitutes. Serenity has even brought that campaign into her own company – the Sapphic Desire strap-on harness that LVNI makes uses a non-leather harness. 

Lick has been involved with PETA for the last year. A vegetarian since 13, Lick is an avid supporter of the organization, and tries to spread the word about their cause where ever she goes. "I always carry PETA information with me and try to educate people about it. I also plug them on radio and I write about it  on my website a bit," Lick said.

Serenity has been interested in animal activism since childhood. She tells of rescuing birds to rehabilitate them, driving injured animals to the vet and donating money to animal causes as soon as she started working. She considers her conversion to vegetarianism five years ago to be a natural progression for herself. It also made her a perfect choice for PETA. 

“They had seen me on E! and heard me on Howard Stern and they contacted me to help. I’m in absolute agreement with their cause, so I had no problem supporting it,” Serenity said. 

Carrie Beckwith, Special Projects Coordinator for PETA adds, " I think it’s great that the hottest bods in the business are also head-strong and compassionate individuals when it comes to animal rights. They’re passion can be seen on-screen as well as off-screen. Both Jacklyn and Serenity have been outspoken proponents of a cruelty-free vegetarian lifestyle." 

Serenity owns two dogs, both from the Basset Hound Rescue League, two cats, and is currently rehabilitating a bird. The Las Vegas resident has a pet black widow. “He just stays in the corner. We have an agreement – as long as he stays in the corner, he’s all right.”