Brandi Love, of, and Vivid contract performer Savannah Sampson will appear on Dr. Keith Ablow’s Warner Bros. television show today.

As the show’s Web page states, Ablow investigates the industry lifestyle, going “inside the minds of some of America’s most famous porn stars to find out why they chose this controversial and potentially dangerous profession.” The psychiatrist’s conversations touch on various aspects of the porn star experience. Whether he discusses fame or wealth, Ablow elaborates on the attractions that bring women into the field. Ideas are explored, such as if it is possible to balance a career in the industry with a marriage and traditional social values?

Love confronts stereotypes associated with being in the industry. “The Internet is the best thing that has ever happened to my marriage,” Love stated. Love said she and her husband are able to explore traditional sexual taboos on the Internet while making a living. However, the couple acknowledges that while the lifestyle they’ve chosen does not work for everyone, it works for their relationship.

The Dr. Keith Ablow Show is a syndicated daily television series that covers a host of societal and cultural topics.