Vivid Girl Savanna Samson has added production company owner to her myriad of titles. The busy starlet launched Savanna Samson Productions (SSP) way back in February of 2006, and is now ready to release her company's first title, Any Way You Want Me, in June. SSP will be exclusively distributed by Vivid Entertainment Group, which will release one of her movies each year.

Samson's first SSP project marks her debut in an interactive production. Any Way You Want Me has the blonde beauty playing three parts: "the desperate housewife, the millionaire mistress, and the president of a company."

"Vivid didn't have any interactive titles at the time, so the original idea was to do an Any Way You Want Me title for all of the Vivid girls," Samson told

The title, which is non-condom, taps into Samson's love for the role-playing process as well as her tendency to slip and gaze directly into the camera lens. "I love acting and the acting process, so I'm constantly in these features where you can't have everybody gawking at the camera. The directors are always telling us 'don't look at the camera.' In every feature though, I will let me eyes go to the camera, just for a second, because I want to connect with my audience. [Any Way You Want Me] gave me that chance to play a role and connect with my audience."

The multi-talented Samson even did the music for the soundtrack on the interactive title, following the news that she has recently signed a record contract with Koch Records. No occupational stone left unturned, Samson has also received praise and publicity for her own wine company, Savanna Wines.

Samson said the only thing that she feels the title was missing is other girls, but remarks, "I just decided I'll do an all-girl sequel to this one in the future."

The New York-based Samson explained that she doesn't want her company to bang out a bunch of hasty gonzo titles, especially with her once-a-year schedule. "I knew I could put together Any Way You Want Me pretty quickly, and get something out that was [technically] for 2006. Now I'm working on some pretty ambitious stuff for the future."

Samson was not much more descript than that that in terms of upcoming projects, but did say she and SSP are working on a trilogy that "won't go in chronological order."