Vivid Girl Savanna Samson told Wednesday she has started her own production company that will unveil its first title in March.

Savanna Samson Productions (SSP) will be exclusively distributed by Vivid Entertainment Group, which will release one of her movies each year.

Samson’s first SSP project marks her debut in an interactive production. It’s called Any Way You Want Me, and features the starlet playing three parts: “the desperate housewife, the millionaire mistress, and the president of a company.”

“Vivid doesn’t have any interactives so this is kind of fun,” Samson said. “You get to pick and choose your positions and all those things, and it’s non-condom. I like the idea of practicing safe sex, but I don’t like to see it.”

Samson said all her productions would be non-condom, adding, “To each his own, although I prefer not to watch safe sex.”

The New York City-based star will also begin shooting a trilogy called Savanna Samson is Rocket Queen. She said principal photography would likely begin by summer.

“I’m looking for an arch rival, somebody totally nasty, somebody so opposite of me. I think it would make such as hot scene,” Samson said.

She revealed that “zero gravity sex,” are among the concepts she’s developing for the project.

“I would suck dick while floating in the air,” Samson said. “… The whole trilogy is really something so exciting to look forward to. The whole concept and all the ideas we have. I met with a record label that wants to do the soundtrack. It’s going to be off the charts.”

Samson indicated that she is working with some mainstream directors and production personnel on the new venture.

“They’ve seen my work in [The New Devil in Miss Jones],” said Samson, who won the 2006 AVN Award for Best Actress – Film for her performance as Miss Jones.

Samson, who also recently created her own wine company called Savanna Wines, has had her sights on a production company.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” she said, adding that she has written down several of her sexual fantasies and ideas that could be used as material. “I just feel that I’m a businesswoman at heart and I’m very proud to be a Vivid Girl. I wouldn’t just branch out on my own without having Vivid and [co-chairman] Steven [Hirsch] behind me. I feel like I can do anything with them behind me. I feel like Vivid will keep my name very alive even when I’m done performing in front of the camera.”

She continued, “I just want to use my artistry, and be the businesswoman I am, and be in charge of my own future. Vivid is standing behind me in all aspects.”

Samson still has five years left on her Vivid contract, which calls for her to perform in six movies a year.

“I’ve been doing this huge tour for the Vivid/Club Jenna Bowl [on Friday in Detroit} and I’ve found that everyone knows about the AVN Awards,” she said. “I went on the radio and I thought I’d be talking about the Vivid/Club Jenna Bowl and they want to talk about Devil and my awards.”

The busy star is also preparing for the Feb. 27 gala launch of Savanna Wines at La Masseria in Manhattan during Carnival.