Paul Fishbein has this to say: "We apologize for for the anonymous posting [an infrequent poster who identifies himself as Kid Venom] Friday from a source concerning Zane Entertainment Group's selling of their duplication lab and their decision not to currently advertise in AVN.

Paul Fishbein had a meeting with Chuck Zane on these issues earlier last week, however did not share the information with Gene Ross. Had Fishbein given the information to Ross, the anonymous posting would have been moot. He would have noted that the decision to sell the lab was a sound business decision and that Zane asked Fishbein advice on this matter and that Fishbein agreed it was a smart maneuver. In addition, Zane explained his reasons for not advertising in the current issues of AVN after talking about his current marketing strategeies, but that was not communcated to Gene prior to that posting.

As far as AVN is concerned, Zane is in optimum financial shape and continuing to put out quality product on a regular basis, as will be evidenced by a series of reviews in the upcoming September AVN issue.

Paul Fishbein Also Responds to AVN Awards-Fixing

Paul Fishbein writes: "Gene, I've seen transcripts of the latest bullshit on the LF site. He tries to draw me in, with the bullshit anonymous sources, but I refuse. He figures he can draw me in and he has content for his site. For those who read both sites, you Gene can run my response.

"First off, about Fetish. Within a few weeks, Fetish Magazine will be launching a new, very hot website, which has drawn great interest around the industry. Everyone has told us that a website based on Fetish (which is a very high quality book) will be a big money maker.

"Yes, it is still being published. But because it's such an expensive book to produce, we have to charge a lot and many retailers won't buy high priced books like that. We have mediocre distribution, and we basically break even. So we're rethinking our strategy and #10 will be out soon. Of course, the book helps drive the website, so we will continue to publish. It may be distributed differently. We're just being fiscally responsible.

"The other old news. While Luke finally admitted, or at least in a response told the truth for once, that he has seen the electronic balloting system, he didn't mention that I also showed him the old ballot system and never mentioned that the balloting is open for inspection for one year.

"Of course, he has another anonymous source that sat in on meetings where we fixed the awards (Savannah and other, I suppose) but of course, since you and I have been in on every awards meeting ever, we know "fixing" meetings never happened. In fact, we both know the truth. And one truth is this source will never come forward because he's lying.

"And finally, the presumption by the unknowing people who talk about us giving awards only to people who line our pockets with advertising dollars, there's no point in pointing out all the awards that go to people who don't advertise in AVN and that most of the companies are regular AVN advertisers anyway. But the Vivid and VCA comments are particularly interesting. Do any of these people watch adult movies? Don't they realize that VCA and Vivid actually make some real good stuff and perhaps, just perhaps, that they sometimes actually deserve to win."

Randy Kaplan writes: "I don't want to give any credence to Luke Ford, so I react to blatant falsehoods on his website by replying to you, knowing that his penchant for plagiarizing you means that he will read them. Given recent events, it wouldn't surprise me if you don't wish to accommodate this roundabout method of reacting to Ford any more, but I just can't fail to react to yet another absurdity regarding AVN on his site.

"Replying to some pathetic loser who rips the integrity of the AVN Awards, Luke clearly states that he has been shown the ballot records from when you and I and the rest of the reviewers and editors served as the judges, and that he has also seen the new electronic system for counting votes, and that he is satisfied the awards process is on the up-and-up. But facts aren't good enough for Ford. Evidence isn't good enough for Ford. He has to turn around in the very next sentence, and cite [uninformed, incorrect] rumor, and the infamous [unnamed] source, stating the exact opposite.

"Ford may think he is just being "fair," but equating verifiable fact with unsubstantiated rumor is anything but fair. It is not just factually wrong, it is morally wrong. It is one of those things that hurts people, something Ford continually whines that he does not want to do, but seems to have a sick compulsion to do anyway. I was one of many people who worked very hard to make the AVN Awards maintain an impeccable level of integrity, and to make the AVN Awards a worthwhile occasion to honor that rarity: excellence in adult entertainment. I think that the recognition of excellence in any human endeavor is worthwhile. Like any other person who participated in voting for the AVN Awards, and any other person who was ever nominated or aspired to earn a nomination, the results often did not meet my own expectations. But even an ego my size can recognize that all that means is that the collective opinion of the judges did not match my own.

"It sure as hell doesn't mean that any corruption of the process distorted the result. I think that there have been some rather absurd anomalies in the Awards; for instance, if the judges thought enough of Asia Carrera to vote her Female Performer of the Year in her rookie season, how come they preferred someone else, Kylie Ireland, to be the Best New Starlet, over Asia, in the same year? But check the ballots and you will see that apparently, enough voting judges ranked Asia high enough in balloting for the big award that they evidently thought it was enough, and ranked her at the same level or lower for the lesser newcomers' award. Of course, if the first place votes are scattered, but one of the front-runners sweeps the second spots on everyone's ballots, their total points can put them over the top. Check the ballots, and that's what happened to produce this anomaly. Wrong? In my opinion, sure! I didn't vote for either winner.

" Dishonest? Absolutely not! There are any number of such examples in the history of the Awards. As for the endlessly-repeated rumor about Savannah, let me remind Ford that the first criterion for Best New Starlet is impact on the industry. I personally thought that Savannah was a despicable human being and a poor porn performer. I also think that it might have occurred to someone who was practically addicted to plastic surgery that a broken nose was not likely to be a career-ending event, and not sufficient reason to blow one's brains out. Nevertheless, anyone who doesn't think she deserved that award at that time understands very little about the adult video business.

"I understand why AVN changed the voting format for the Awards. Basically, it has always been a can't-win situation. You can't make everyone happy; you can't stop the ridiculous rumors; you might as well make the whining great unwashed porn crowd collectively potentially responsible for their unhappiness by inviting them to vote for the Awards themselves. I personally think that opening up the voting in this way will devalue the Awards; as a result, I don't vote any more, after being one of the panel of voting judges for six years. During those years, I spent literally hundreds of hours watching, taking notes, and comparing the fourteenth-best Anal Scene Shot On Video to the fifteenth-best.

"I doubt many of the current voters take similar pains. But, as I say, I understand and appreciate the reasons for the changes. But here's the point: if the Awards are corrupt or corruptible, and there is no risk of being thrown out as a judge, why won't the anonymous source who claims the Savannah award was fixed identify themselves? Surely they don't believe that in the feud-loving, soap-opera world of porn that they would risk future employment. (Well, I guess Leisure Time might not offer you the chance to edit the five-zillionth Savannah compilation we've all been waiting for with bated breath.) Come forth, the Deep Throat of Deep Throating! The Luke Fords, the whining losers, the mainstream always-get-the-porn-world-wrong media will lionize you. The 'revelation' would easily be worth thousands in interview fees, free lunches, media junkets, and the like. Mike Albo would take you to lunch, and not in East LA! Could the real answer be that the award wasn't fixed, and that the nameless source is another tiresome manifestation of the fetid, pusillanimous, morally corrupt imagination of Luke Ford?"

Gene sez: "One added note, if someone is trying to make some sinister connection between the fact that Savannah was both Best New Starlet and a Vivid contract girl, bear one thing in mind. The bulk of Savannah's work and subsequent exposure which justified her award as having profound influence upon the industry, came during the period when she was working for Leisure Time."

Luke A Right-Winger?

Alan Miles writes: "Got an email from a guy that said he recognizes Luke Ford from his site photo but that's not his real name. This guy also said he was nothing more than a plant for the Religious Right. Who knows? I accused LF of that in an e-mail to him. This, after he e-mailed me to see if I would do an interview with him. Hell, I'm not involved with the adult video biz. I'm just a sexual freedom fighter. I want to know who this guy really is? Alan Miles

Hedonists vs. The Religious Right

The right wing has had its say

Check out

Alan Miles

Dave Cummings passes along this interview he did with Al Kikuras.

Al Kikuras: So, Dave... at 59 years old, what made you decide to launch a career in porn?

Dave Cummings: It seemed like viewers needed more realism for some of the film characters, specifically the roles of a judge, senator, university president, doctor, etc. I personally found it somewhat sexually distracting when I saw a porn actor under age 40 playing such roles; and, because I was in my late 50's, balding, a little overweight, etc I sensed that I represented many of the viewers who see a younger guy with a porn starlet and say to themselves "That lucky guy", but who see me and identify with me and possibly say to themselves, "Heck, I could realistically be Dave Cummings with that beautiful porn starlet." Lastly, lauching a career at my age seemed like a fun challenge, so I did it! I'll be 60 on my next birthday; I am by far the oldest regularly active porn star in the industry. I'm 7-8 years older than the next oldest guy! Bottom line: doing porn is my fun!

A: Did you anticipate any problems going in?

D: Yes! I expected to find almost everyone doubting my performance abilities! It took a number of bookings before the word got out about some old guy who could get it up, keep it up, not cum before he was told to, and who climaxed almost on cue.

A: Were you taken seriously at first?

D: People were polite and respectful, yet many didn't want to chance me dying of a age-related heart attack while on their set! After I proved myself in a number of filmings, everything fell right in place.

A: Anyone not want to hire you or has an actress ever had a problem working with you?

D: A couple of actresses had reasons why they emotionally preferred not to work with an older guy and, certainly, I did not want to bring back bad memories for any actress who might have had a negative experience with an older guy in their past. I totally understood their decision, and supported the decision and them personally. On the other hand, as in society in general, I've found that many of the actresses have a fantasy of having sex with an older man who reminded them of their school teacher, coach, doctor, etc, whom they had a private crush on and whom they wanted to seduce.

A: Your "How To Be A Porn Star" section of your web site is very informative. Did you, as the piece states is usually the case for men, ride a woman's coattails to get into the business?

D: I was the exception to the rule. I was in the right place at the right time when the Industry was receptive to using an older guy for character roles. Fortunately, I'm also used in sex roles without regard to my age! During my initial thoughts about possibly pursuing a porn career, I met Nina Hartley in the swinging lifestle environment and found her to be extremely encouraging.

A: Do your children (or grandchildren) know that you are a porn actor?

D: I have a 33 year old married son who has a 3-year old son. My son considers me a "hero", and constantly brags "my Dad is Dave Cummings". My 35 year old married daughter has two girls, ages 10 and 8. My daughter loves me, is happy that I'm doing something that I enjoy, but prefers not to routinely make it a topic of discussion between us. My family relationships are perfect. My Dad, who passed away last year, got a real kick out of my new career---many relatives and friends have told me how happy he was for me. My 83-year old Step-Mom fully accepts my career and is always asking me to send her copies of non-sex roles that I appear in!

A: How about your ex wife?

D: I was happily married for 22 years, and never cheated on my wife. 15 years ago, she ran off with a guy (incidentally, he had a full head of hair!). I was deeply hurt! A year later, I got into the swinging which then led me eventually to some amateur porn acting, and Nina Hartley! My Ex did not marry the guy. She lives in Tucson, while I live in San Diego. We talk often on the phone and via email as both parents/grandparents, and as friends. I don't hold any grudges about what she did, I am very happy being a porn star, and I have no intentions of a reconciliation. She knows what I do, but prefers to avoid any reference to it. We are friends who get together for certain holidays with the kids, and we sometimes stay overnight at each other's place---we do not have a sexual relationship (though our married sex life was fantastic!).

A: How did you first meet Nina?

D: I had seen her at the annual Swingers Convention a number of times. Then, one of the couples I knew and often partied with, met her intimately; At a Swinger's dance in 1994, they arranged for her to give me herself as a birthday present from them---I love thoughtful friends!! Thereafter, Nina and I got together whenever we were at the same swinger's party!

A: Did you know you were going to meet her or was it a total surprise?

D: It was a surprise birthday gift!

A: So, you were sexually involved with her as a swinger, I assume?

D: Yes!

A: Do you have a routine you go through to prepare for a shoot?

D: Sort of, though mainly for grooming and personal hygiene purposes. I always make certain that my finger nails are cut, so as to not inadvertently scrape the girl (also, unless the role calls for me to have a watch on, I always remove it so as to not have the watch band scrape the girl during our sex scene). I always shave extremely close, often against the grain so as to get as smooth a face as possible, so that my beard will not scrape the girl. I use hand lotion, and I use a light application of body lotion in my groin area. I trim public hairs, but do not shave. I NEVER drink alcohol for 12-24 hours before a shoot (I tell my running club members that there seems to be a fine line between having a few drinks to get your confidence up so that you can approach a girl in a bar, and in the ability to sexually perform adequately once you end up in bed with the woman). I take regular vitamins, but nothing special. I do not do drugs. I tried Viagra once, but found that it made little or no difference in my performance, so I do not use it either in my personal or professional life. And, I try to get a good night's sleep before shoots.

A: I know any older men (and probably most younger men too!) are going to wonder: what is your secret, if any, to remaining so virile that you can keep up with men half your age on camera?

D: Well, in addition to the habits I just mentioned, I run 3-8 miles 4-6 times a week, though I don't know if that's a factor in my career. Basically, I enjoy sex scenes as a fun experience, not as work---perhaps that helps to keep the stress level down. I love my life, my home, my friends, the Adult Industry, and San Diego. I think a genuine positive outlook helps a lot!

A: I would guess you were a big porn fan before you got into the business?

D: Actually, no! My Ex and I had a small collection of porn that we sometimes watched together, usually as sort of a "date". Other than that, she turned me on just by walking by.

A: What stars were you a fan of going by the porn you DID watch?

D: Marilyn Chambers. I've let the appropriate folks know that I'd love to "work" with her on film now that she's back in the Industry. Also, Nina Hartley.

A: Have you ever had someone respond negatively to you when you tell them what you do?

D: Yes!

A: Tell us the story.

D: One of the girls in my running club was "re-born" and proceeded to tell me how I was going to go to hell when I died. Though, by her own admission, she was sexually promiscuous at one time, she attacked my porn career as if it was her personal crusade to save my soul. I responded by expressing my thanks for her concern, but asked her to stay out of my personal life. I told her that I felt that God gave us sexual arousal/needs/desires as a gift, and that sex between consenting adults was natural, normal, and healthy. I also told her that I often wondered if some folks who used vibrators and/or otherwise masturbated mistakenly thought they should feel guilty afterwards, and resultingly became upset with the other normal people. She has since told me that she loves me, but dislikes my porn career. I pray that she'll soon become normal again. Thankfully, the very vocal and vile anti-porn folks who are violating the laws/desires of God and nature are VERY few in number, even though their mistaken self-guilt makes theme very noisy and demonstative.

A: What number is the "Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy" series up to now?

D: Vol 20 of "Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy" was recently released. Just prior to that, my new series was launched---it's called "Sex Fun"!

A: How does "Sex Fun" differ from "The Sugardaddy?"

D: "Sex Fun" centers around unique situations and lots of outdoor scenes, whereas "Sugardaddy" focuses upon me getting "lucky" with young women. In "Sex Fun," viewers can see that we are, indeed, having fun while having sex---viewers are sort of invited along with us!

A: How do you go about selecting girls for the series?

D: Although their looks are a factor, I'm more concerned about their attitude. I prefer girls who like to have fun while performing sex on film. Rather than having them "act", I want them to just thoroughly have a good time while a camera records it. I also look for dependability, genuiness, happiness, and sensuality. I prefer younger girls, and ones who indeed want to have an enjoyable experience.

A: Well, since almost all of the girls in porn are going to be "younger" to you, what age is it that you prefer?

D: 18-29.

A: In one of your From The Trenches columns, you state that " I was looking around for a new pacemaker battery after the scene was completed!" Do you really have a pacemaker?

D: No, I do not. I said it as a compliment to the girl because she was so active in the scene. I seem to have good sexual genes and stamina! My physician supports what I do (he's a porn fan), keeps me up to date on STD's and other matters, and is always doing preventive medicine ----he won't let me have Viagra because he feels it's not appropriate for folks who function normally. My only health problem is high cholesterol, which is now below 200 thanks to daily medication. My blood pressure is usually in the 108/70 area. My running, limited alcohol intake, and refusal to be emotionally stressed about anything seems to working fine for me.

A: You also wrote that guys are often virtually blacklisted from the business the first time they fail to perform on camera. Did you ever have any close calls in your career?

D: Yes! It took me a while to realize that I personally could not take decongestants or antihistamines for a sinus condition or cold without risking "wood" problems. Also, two sex scenes a day is fine, but three is too much of a stretch for my age.

A: Now that you are well-known and get a lot of "character" roles, has that immense pressure lifted at all since you are now somewhat of a commodity?

D: Yes, somewhat. I much prefer the sex scenes, but the character roles are fun, too! I take the scripts seriously, studying hard to make certain that I don't let a director down. I'm very conscientious and dependable.

A: Do you get paid any better than the average male porn actor since you can fulfill the specialty role of the "older" gentleman?

D: No.

A: Ever get recognized in public at a very bad time?

D: Once at Disneyland with my kids and grandkids.

A: This is a story I have to hear...

D: A college-age guy and his girlfriend, getting off of a ride as we were about to take their places in the vehicle, recognized me and asked my son to take a photo of them and me. It happened quickly enough that my family members weren't bothered by it, nor did they ask about it. Whew! Though I'm proud of my career, and the contribution the Industry makes to entertainment, I never want to offend anyone or cause uncomfortableness for my daughter or anyone.

A: Who are your favorite actresses to work with?

D: Truly, ALL my them are favorites. If I was pushed hard to name some of my favorites, I'd say Serenity, Juli Ashton, Shanna McCullough, Candy Apples, etc.

A: What would you say has been the single best on-camera sexual experience of your life

D: Playing a coffee shop owner (in the Wicked film called Pornogothic) who let Serenity in after hours for a meal, whereupon we proceeded to have sex on the diner's counter. To be eating her pussy while my hands feasted upon her lovely butt was exceptionally exciting.

A: How about off camera?

D: Having sex with a married women in her hot tub while her husband watched and photographed it from their upstairs bedroom window while making sure that their 5-year old child didn't wake up and wander downstairs. I see her every 4-5 weeks.

A: Do you partake in a lot of "extracurricular" sex with women in the business?

D: Not much. I never "hit" on the women, though I'm always responsive to anything they initiate!

A: How active is your non-porn related sex life, or is most of it centered around your career?

D: I have sex off-camera a couple of times a week with non-Industry girls whom I've had a long-term sexual relationship, usually related to swinging.

A: What kind of music do you listen to?

D: I like classical, as well as light rock.

A: The industry is envisioned as one big party by most fans and outsiders. Wild orgies, drug fests... you get the idea. In your experience, does it at all live up to that belief?

D: Sometimes the orgy thing happens, but not often. As for drugs, I've not witnessed it; I understand that some people smoke pot in their private lives, not unlike society in general. Keep in mind that I live in San Diego, so I'm somewhat isolated from the happenings in Los Angeles.

A: From my experience in the porn industry, it seems there is a definite barrier between "insiders" and "outsiders." Why do you think there is such a division?

D: Because of HIV risks, even though we all get the PCR/DNA every 29 days, I sense that some "insider" folks are more comfortable interacting only with other "insiders". Also, "outsiders" tend to erroneously think that all porn girls can't wait to fuck every guy they see, a situation which seems to build fences to protect the girls from constantly being hit on.

A: Which do you prefer on a woman: small real tits or big, fake tits?

D: I have no preference whatsoever. I find both situations sexy.

A: Do you still do any work as a Mortgage Senior Loan Officer?

D: Yes, I do.

A: How much of your living comes from that job vs. your porn work?

D: Approximately 35% of my income is from mortgage-related activities, 25% from military retired pay, and the rest from porn work including producing, directing and Internet stuff.

A: Any upcoming films you'd like to tell us about?

D: The recently-released "Sex Fun, Vol 1" was my best work thus far; and, "Sex Fun, Vol 2" is in editing and promises to be even better. Also, the 20th volume of "Dirty Dave, The Sugardaddy" will be out in late 1999---to celebrate it as the 20th volume, I'll probably be adding a couple of "bonus" scenes to the eight scenes normally in my videos.

A: At what age (if ever!) do you think you might hang up your porn spurs?

D: I have no plans to retire once I reach a particular age. I'm having too much fun to put a time limit upon performing.

A: Tell us about What will potential paying members get on the site for their hard earned cash?

D: (which offers inexpensive memberships) contains thousands of hard core photos mainly from my actual shoots, film clips of my video releases, my monthly columns, and other associated fun things. I add 100-200 new photos every week, and a new/additional film clip for every video release. It also contains my direct email. I personally answer each and every email and letter I receive. In the future, I plan to add some streaming video. Even the "guests" portion offers FREE numerous photos and other features.

A: List your ten favorite names for the female reproductive organ.

D: Pussy; love tunnel; vagina; fun spot; sweetness; honey spot; lover; sex fun lips; lickable; holster (for my "gun").

A: Any words of wisdom for your fans and our readers?

D: Always remember that the world has vocal opponents of adult entertainment, people who push legislators at all levels to restrict the availability of porn. Though small in numbers, these misguided folks have no regard for the Freedom of Speech aspects of the Constitution. They want to have intrusive governmental legislation imposed upon the normal people. ALL citizens need to register to vote, and to actually vote in every eligible election lest the vocal few end up strangling the normal folks who want to retain this country's personal freedoms and unrestricted access to porn. Lastly, enjoy sex in the realization that sex between consenting adults is natural, normal, and healthy.

Porn star gets Quebec firefighters in hot water

Remember the Shane flap with some Brooklyn firefighters from a couple of years ago? Now, from Quebec City comes this: Three firefighters have been suspended after scenes from an erotic movie featuring a naked porn star were shot at a Quebec City fire station last June, city officials have said.

A fire chief and two lieutenants were suspended without pay last week for wrongly authorizing the use of city property during the shooting of ``Cindy Cinnamon, Queen of the Exhibitionists.''

The city has launched an internal investigation into the matter, and the firefighters' union has said the city could sue the movie producer or move to halt release of the movie.

In the scenes, which were shot at the station on a Quebec provincial holiday on June 24, firefighters appear as enthusiastic onlookers as actor Cindy Cinnamon prances nude on fire trucks.

Movie producer Jean-Luc Audet told a Quebec City newspaper that thanks to the public outcry, he would likely give prominence to scenes of the firefighters in the final edited version of the film. He also said the firefighters had approved of the shooting and enjoyed watching.

``The firemen on the spot watched the scene with pleasure. Nobody left. Everything happened quickly. They were real gentlemen,'' Audet told Le Journal de Quebec, which broke the story.

``Some even said it was too bad it didn't last longer, `` he added.

He said however that he never told the firefighters they would be seen in the movie, and union officials were quick to note that the camera was hidden.

The movie -- which was shot in French but will be translated into English -- also contains erotic scenes filmed on the city's historic Plains of Abraham, where English troops defeated the French and conquered Canada in 1759, and at a famous cathedral, Ste-Anne-de-Beaupre, near the provincial capital.

Andrew Drake spokeperson and Production Director for Pixis Interactive as well as Sinthetic Video announced the name of the latest Diva X, Brittany Andrews. Andrews will be the seventh Diva X in what has proven to be a very sucessful franchise for Drake and Pixis. Other notables which have made the cut include Rebecca Lord, Madelyn Night, Taylor Moore as well as Nj De Bahia.

Drake: "Brittany will be our first DVD Diva X as well she will be the vehicle that will we use to launch our newest site, which allows the consumer to download off the site and play it on their desktop. It is a very nice deal for both of us. I won't disclose the financials but it's nice."


Midori: The D.P. Years

Midori wants to do a d.p, with Rocco and Sean Michaels. Midori called to say she had a dream about this. "I've never done a d.p., and I want to do it with them," she said. "Right now I have no sex life at all."

G. Ross: "Do you think you need some practice for this?"

Midori: "I want the realism of it. With those two?..Yeah!! Put the word out there. When I put in my leave of absence, I broke contract [with Video Team]. I know that Christian [Mann] wasn't interested in signing anyone else after that. He had a couple of horror stories after I left. The last I heard he wasn't interested in signing anyone. That means he can't find anyone else to replace me!"

G. Ross: "Unless, of course, he finds a girl named after a liquor bottle."

Midori: "Or some type of chocolate... I had the idea for the d.p. in a dream."

G. Ross: "Maybe some psychic's fucking with you."

Midori: "Maybe, but I figured since I haven't done one before, I might as well do it right."

Midori says she's been spending a lot of time with her daughter. "That child has me going," she laughs, "but I figure if I put on a pair of roller blades one more time, I'm going to die. But since I don't have a boyfriend anymore, I miss my sex. I kind of miss my job."

G. Ross: "We'll work on this, but realize you may have to get through one more weekend without being d.p.'d. Keep in touch, I don't want to keep reading about you on other sites."

Midori: "I was irritated that he [Luke Ford] had put up a bunch of stuff that wasn't true."

Johnny Toxic: The Vomit Years

The Johnny Toxic's "Vomitorium" project is a go, with a couple of scenes being shot this weekend at a party in Orange County. Toxic has also been given the thumbs-up from the Howard Stern people and will appear on Stern to discuss the vomit project. A date, however, hasn't been set for that interview.

Jason Grigsby quotes the great philosophers Moz and Ross, then adds a few comments of his own.

[Moz] 'Unfortunately, pestilence breeds disease, and such afflictions proliferate due to unsanitary conditions. Said soiled ordeals ( read LF ) give opportunity for the "unwashed" or unfounded to release diatribes relating their uninformed conclusions to the