Jewel De'Nyle and Peter North are back together after a temporary split, and, no, Jonathan Morgan was not Jewel's squeeze in between. We talked to Jonathan, primarily, about Bride of Double Feature which is due out sometime the end of March.

Morgan: "We should be completed [editing] by end of next week. This one's very good. I'm very happy with it. I'm hoping that it gets as good a reception as the first one. There are a couple of people back. Of course the two main characters, Serenity and Randy Spears are both back. We have a new addition with Tabitha Stevens playing a phenomenal part. Her character doesn't have a name, it's just 'Busty Blond Bimbo' which fits Tabitha. Herschel Savage is back. He was the crazy general in the first one. Now he's the husband who gets fucked to death by Serenity. Anthony Crane who played the ten non-sex performances in the first one is back in this one playing a bunch of goofy parts. We also have Asia Carrera, Starlet of the Year Bridget Kerkove; Tasha Hunter, Kay Lynne, Anji Cooper. We also have a British girl Daniella Rush who liked d.p.'s so much that all I needed for her was to do a simple boy-girl, the next thing I knew she was doing a d.p. I was very happy with that. We also have Kyle Stone, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters and Mickey G. Mickey G. plays the evil boyfriend. I have to tip off my hat to Mickey. A lot of people might not think of him as an actor, but he does perform really well. That's pretty much the entire cast. When we release this at the end of March it will be at the exact same time we do our DVD version of Double Feature.

"This one has a longer running time than the first one. The first was around 113 minutes. This one's pushing close to 120 minutes. There's just a lot of stuff, because there is so much, a lot will be in the DVD version. For example, in the first one, as the credits were going I had the bloopers. This one's so long, unfortunately the bloopers will have to be saved for the DVD. But it's a very good movie and I'm really excited. The cast was just awesome. I'm hoping this will be the first sequel ever to challenge for Best Comedy. I'm also excited about the third and final installment, Son of Double Feature. That will probably be done late summer. We definitely wouldn't release it the same year. It'll probably be released January next year."

G. Ross: "Jonathan, now step out of the batter's box. Put some resin on your hands. Get a good grip on the bat and step back in the batter's box. I'm going to throw you a fastball on the inside."

Morgan: "Oh shit. What is it?"

G. Ross: "Rumor has it that you and Jewel De'Nyle are an item."

Morgan: "That is a false rumor. What the thing with that is, I've known Jewel and we've been friends for two years - ever since Double Feature when she did the projects for Wicked - Desperate Measures, Double Feature, Sex Party 1. It just happened that a couple of weeks ago she was going through some rough times with Peter. She was very sad, wasn't too sure what direction she wanted to go, but it sounded like she needed somebody to talk to. I decided that if she needed a friend to talk to, I'd be there. We spent the day basically talking about Peter...

"It wasn't a discussion of Peter-bashing. It was about, okay, you've spent two years in a relationship, do you want to think before you push the magical button of break-up? I gave her a fresh opinion, saying you put two years into it, don't take two minutes to decide. Take your time. That was pretty much of it. Lo, and behold from what I heard they were back together. Obviously my talk did something. This was a friend helping a friend. Jewel is a really cool person. I just wanted to be sure she was happy. I knew that was the reason why you were calling because I already got the phone calls from other people calling me asking are you guys dating? I said no. It's one night of chit chat that apparently got blown out of proportion. They're back together. They just went to the opening of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's club. You will see them bright, smiling and holding hands at XRCO." [North and De'Nyle, that is.]