Nikki Charm Refutes Luke Ford Book Info; Luke Blows Footnotes

In Luke Ford's book, A History of X, Ford in a chapter titled "Fallen Angels" talks about Traci Lords and Alexandra Quinn being underage when they did pornos. That much we know. An eyebrow raiser is Ford's contention that Nikki Charm was "guilty of the same crime". We asked AVN Hall of Famer Nikki about that.

Charm: "I've been through these rumors before. This was well publicized and actually covered in the LA Times and all kinds of other publications. That was never the truth. I planned and prepared to come into the industry. I planned it from March, 1983 until I came into Reb's office in May of 1984. I knew I needed to be 18 because my brother's fiancee, Mercedes Perez, was working as an actress in the industry. I told her I wanted to get into it. She said, great, wait until you're 18. You can get into a lot of trouble if you don't. Not only that, but you'll make a lot of enemies. I waited, planned and prepared. I worked out two hours a day, tanned my body and came into Reb's office at 18, just about the time when Ginger was over at Vivid and they were doing the big videos. At that time Reb was really excited, 'Watch out Ginger Lynn!' He verified my age at the time. I never worked underage. Now, I can't work overage."

G. Ross: "What led you finally to say enough's enough?"

Charm: "I haven't really said that. I would work, but it depends. I have other commitments. I'd have to make sure it wasn't going to conflict with any other things I've got going in my life. I do have other responsibilities to consider. I would want the same situation that I had before where I was picky about who I worked with and working when I wanted. Not that I would expect a big contract. I wouldn't want a big comeback. I'd do a couple of scenes, make a little money. That's the way it always was with me. It was more fun sex, and, oh, I get paid for this too?"

G. Ross: "At some point you just dropped out of the business."

Charm: "Actually I really did have a bad drug problem at the very end when I did get out of the business. Luckily, I had a very supportive family. My parents helped me get back on my feet and get in a recovery program. Drugs blew me out of the water. I connected the two [drugs & porn], and I couldn't separate the two. I was an 18 year-old kid with tons of money and nothing to spend it on. It was a bad situation for me. I just got out of the business, off the drugs and worked as a secretary. It was boring but liveable. I look back and think, wow, a lot of the girls are not making the same mistake. They're having a ton of fun. They're making the money and building for their future. I think this is one of the best jobs in the world."

Gene sez: "Not to put too fine a point on it, but Luke's book does have a tendency to blow information. In a chapter titled, 'The Golden Age of Porn,' Ford tries to make a connection between Burt Reynold's character in Boogie Nights to such directors as Henri Pachard, Bob Chinn, Anthony Spinelli and Lasse Braun. Which is valid, except that Ford refers to Reynold's character as 'Jack Anderson'. It's Jack Horner. Jack Anderson was the journalistic heir to Drew Pearson, the legendary Washington D.C. muckraker. Perhaps somebody at Prometheus should have hired a fact checker?

"In another chapter titled, 'La Cosa Nostra,' Ford quotes extensively from the Gay Talese book, 'Thy Neighbor's Wife', Doubleday, the 1980 edition. Just so happens I had a copy of that book in my library and checked Lukie's footnotes. Not one of the five Talese references Luke makes match up.

"Okay, so I thought perhaps I was being a little bit picayune. Then, Luke, in a chapter titled 'Snuff Child Bestiality', quotes Jim Holliday's book, Only The Best, about the Story of Joanna. Ford cites a Holliday quote as appearing on page 77. Wrong-o. Sorry, Beulah the buzzer goes off once again. On page 77 of his book, Holliday discusses the obscure Lure of the Triangle and the Annette Haven film, Once Upon a Time. No mention in sight of Story of Joanna which is talked about on page 35 and once again on page 233, but nothing resembling the Holliday quote Ford cites.

"I just get the uneasy feeling that a student studying Luke's book for porn history runs the risk of either flunking the course, or, at the very least, the art of footnoting."

Mike Albo writes: "Gene: If anyone ever had a doubt that Luke Ford is lazy and not-too-bright need only take a look at his posts today. Isn't it interesting how almost everytime I write something to YOU, it magically appears on Luke's site?

"Apparently Luke is nervous enough to try to imply that he'll take legal action if I carry through with my promise to break his nose. What he apparently fails to realize is that I DON'T CARE WHAT HE DOES. People who know me are well aware that I have very little regard for myself, so it stands to reason that I have even less regard for a plagiarizing, half-truth telling little bitch like Luke. Now, just for fun, let's see how long it will be before this post shows up on Luke's site.

"Oh, and by the way, to illustrate what a vindictive little punk Luke is, one need only look at his recent attacks against my friend and colleague Evan Wright. Evan, who wrote the unflattering item about Luke in Rolling Stone, is currently being painted as a rip-off artist by Luke via some complaints by photographer Johnny Castano about some (unsolicited) photos Castano sent to Evan-last year. (I won't go into the numerous horror stories involving Castano and several other editors here at LFP, Inc.)

"Once again, as in the recent Georgia Miles flap, Luke (and Castano, I might add) shows his ignorance of how professional publishing works. The standard line is that a publication is not responsible for unsolicited material. Maybe Castano should have thought about that before he sent so many photos to Evan. But that's really beside the point. What's really happening here is that Luke is angry with Evan for writing about him in less than glowing terms and because of that, he's now attempting some sort of lame character assassination. Too bad. Evan Wright is one of the most honest people with whom I've had the pleasure to work. I cannot say the same for Luke Ford who deals in half-truths, insinuations and outright lies.

"Finally, do you think Luke will look better once I give him that free nose job?"

Gene sez: "Like the ones Darren and Marc Star got to hide their so-called incriminating pasts?"

Cincy Jury Told They'll Have to Watch She-Male Movie

It's Larry Flynt deja vu all over again except for the gavel-to-gavel coverage by Court TV.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, potential jurors for an obscenity trial in Butler County Common Pleas Court were told yesterday that the case will require watching three graphic videos.

The court resumes today in the effort to seat 12 jurors and two alternates in a case in which Peter Tomaino, the owner of VIP Video Store in Millville, and two of his clerks, Billie J. Doan and Caroletha Geter, are charged with three counts of pandering obscenity.

The charges involve the purchase of three adult videos by undercover police officers.

One of the defense attorneys, H. Louis Sirkin, warned prospective jurors that if they were seated on the jury, they would have to watch Best of Freaks, Orgymania and Sinderella She Male.

Defense attorneys, Assistant Prosecutor Dan Gattermeyer and Judge Keith Spaeth told prospective jurors that they will have to apply the court's legal definition of obscenity to the three videos.

The court excused nine prospective jurors Monday, either because they indicated they could not be fair and impartial in this case or because serving on the jury would be an undue hardship for them.

Attorneys questioned proposective jurors about their views on sex, pornography, obscenity and other personal values. Some people expressed uneasiness in discussing personal sexual beliefs in court. One woman said she wasn't sure if she could watch every minute of the adult videos that will be shown during the trial. A man said he could not set aside his religious beliefs in rendering a decision if the court's definition of obscenity conflicted with what he believed to be God's teachings. Similar views were expressed by potential jurors in the Larry Flynt trial.

Judge Spaeth accepted the proscution's motion to allow a conviction of the defendants if the jury believes they aided and abetted each other in the pandering of obscenity. That means that a conviction would not depend on whether each of the defendants directly sold one of the adult videos to the undercover police officers, the Enquirer reported.

Melissa Mounds Sentenced in Assault on Russ Meyer

Debra Angela Masson, aka Melissa Mounds, the woman who had a 14-year relationship with adult film director Russ Meyer was sentenced Monday to 45 days on a work crew for beating him. Masson, 39, was also ordered to attend 104 meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and one year of domestic violence counseling.

Municipal Judge Dale Fischer also put Masson on three years' probation and ordered her to stay away from Meyer, 77. A jury convicted Masson last week on one count each of cohabitant battery, elder abuse, and battery in a dating relationship. Prosecutors said Masson attacked Meyer on May 26 as he slept on a couch at the couple's Hollywood Hills home. Meyer suffered cuts and bruises on his face and a black eye.

The maximum sentence for each conviction could have been up to one year in jail, with fines ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, said city attorney's spokesman Mike Qualls.

The work crew sentence typically involves beautification work in the Hollywood area, including graffiti removal, Qualls said.

Gloria Leonard writes: "The 25th Anniversary Party for Hustler Magazine was fantastic, held at the Million Air Hangar at Van Nuys Airport! Larry Flynt's entrance, nosing up to the door in his sleek, black airplane, was an event to behold, rivalling the historic heraldry of emperors and Caesars. Also reminiscent of Al Goldstein's outrageous arrivals years ago at the Adult Film Association's annual galas - Al, at various times, showed up in a hearse, a tank, an ambulance, etc. Naked and painted honeys were on display everywhere, flanked by bowers of flowers. Liquid refreshments flowed freely and gourmet food was served!

"Buddy Hackett shared Larry's table and was one of the few people in attendance who didn't register as one of the usual party suspects. From there, I limousined back to West Hollywood and the Bob East/Odyssey Men release party at Rage for "Hardbody 2000:Chi Chi's Birthday Bash Busted." Naturally, the drag diva deluxe reigned amid a mind-boggling assortment of some of the world's most amazing looking men.

"For me, ALL it could be was looking, which isn't always a bad thing! And where were you on Saturday?"

Gene sez: "Roaming around the XPW wrestling event. Okay, Buddy Hackett wasn't there, but Big Dick Dudley was, so I guess we're kind of even."

Mr. Heaven Leigh writes: "Hey Gene Heaven wanted me to write to you about the Wink Production thing. (Her fuck up, I am dead for adding that.) First our computer has been down and I just got it back on line. Heaven is at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch so I am writing this for her and more about the Bunny Ranch later.

"Yes, she did miss the shoot and feels bad for Wink for the trouble it caused them and the whole crew and the young lady she was to work with. What happened was she was Dennis Hof's date for the night of the stars. It was her first time going to a industry party besides CES. Dennis being good friends with Larry Flynt was seated with him and his family.

"Heaven got star struck being, one with the whole Flynt gang and two meeting some very important people in the business she has never met before. After the show Dennis got her to meet a few more people, and she did lose track of time. Her and Dennis met up with Candy Hill and they all went to some of the parties after the show. Heaven ended up in Candy Hills room where she did fall asleep into the next morning.

"I talked to someone around 10:30 from the set and her scene was at noon is what I was told on the phone. Heaven never called because I had no number for the set. That's the whole story Gene and I got your e-mail, I am sorry it took this long to get back to you on this.

"Now as for the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Heaven and Candy Hill are the featured porn girls for the next two weeks not Kendra Jade. Here is the hole run down on it. One if not for Heaven, Kendra would know nothing about the Ranch. At the night of the stars Heaven introduced Kendra to Dennis Hof. Kendra then said" Hey I can get all of us on the Stern show". So, Dennis flew Heaven from LAX to NY on Sat and Kendra flew out of SF to NY on Sun. Well, as you reported only Kendra appeared on the show and self promoted herself. Everything Kendra said was coached to her by Heaven and Dennis because she knows nothing about the ranch that is why Heaven was to go on and talk about the ranch. It is Heaven who stress's that couples come and single girls to come to the ranch not Kendra. As for her dark hair that she was talking about wig!!! Heaven liked Kendra and she stabbed her in the back and Kendra wants to know why no one likes her in the business.

"So, I am here to tell all the readers that Heaven Leigh and Candy Hill will be the featured porn stars at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch Aug. 3rd-15th.(1-888-286-6972) Kendra Jade is just another house girl at the Ranch when she is there."

A. Einstein writes: " In Dirty Debs 100, a title reads: "If we measured all the women Ed had sex with, side by side, the distance would be greater than the Great Wall of China."

The Great Wall of China is 4500 miles long. Or 23,760,000 feet. Cutting Ed a litle slack by interpreting "side by side" as "end to end," and cutting Ed a little more slack by allowing a generous 6 feet per woman, that equals 3,960,000 women. If he took a quick 90 seconds per encounter, that would take 271 years. Ed looks DAMN good for his age, if you ask me."

Evan McGuiver of the Daily Dish at checks in with this report:

"Unique Video Productions, a favorite stop for a lot of black webbers (and probably should be for the entire porn rainbow) was created in 1995 by Jordan. It has quickly gone from the underground to becoming the first company in history to produce & market to the mainstream public videos featuring "real" women of color.

"UVP's website is the #1 Adult Black website on the Interent with original content. UVP's goal is to replace Playboy as the number softcore video company in the world. Not bad for a guy who started taping nasty ladies off the tube and selling the videos to local companies. Now if you want to know about his videos, we've seen a few and they are hot. Maybe we can get Mr. Web Review or Rog to do some reviews, as many of you have asked, for UV's product. We'll see. Maybe Jordan can help make that happen.

"Meantime, we nailed down the busy Jordan for a little Q&A about his site (, his life and his goals.

1) How did you get started with UVP and what made you do it?

Jordan: "I got started with UVP because I always wanted to see women of color with real proportions. You know 38C-28-44, not 34-24-34. To me those women may look good but side by side with most of our models they don't cut it. The story of how it all happened is simple. I used to tape Black women off TV programs, like talk shows, music videos etc., as a hobby. One day I decided, maybe other brothers want to see this stuff too. So I packaged the videos in some clam shell boxes with a color photo and called them 'Sexy Black Women Videos.' I took them to some videos stores in the old Times Square District in Manhattan and they bought them right on the spot. A few days later they were soldout. That led me to believe that I wasn't the only person who wanted to see some women of color on video. Think about it, here's some shit off TV, no nudity, and it soldout in adult video stores.

"That should tell you something right there. And what it told me was that I could turn my hobby, into a business. At the time, summer of 1995, there was only one company doing quality amateur videos and that was Advance Video Productions from Brooklyn New York. Their video line was and still is called Erotic Teasers. When I first bought a copy I said yes, this is more of what I want to see. He had sexy girls from the Caribbean dancing around in a hotel room. And he sold them to stores for $20.00 each."

2. What are your annual sales & how many videos do you sell per year?

Jordan: "This is a privately held company, so we do not like to release sales information, however, expected gross sales this year will exceed 1 million dollars."

3. What is most popular video lines?

Jordan: "The number one line is 'NY's Finest Exotic Dancers of Color.' Where else can you see beautiful, never before seen, women of color with drop dead gorgeous bodies. Plus you get to see them in all stages of being undressed, and of course they go totally nude at the end. And plenty of these girls have appeared in the pages of Black Tail Magazine. In fact, I always wondered why Black Tail Magazine didn't do a line of videos with these thick Black women. Didn't they know they could make a killing. But the truth is the guy who owns Black Tail owns about 30+ other magazines, so he's got enough money. The #2 line is Sexy Black Ass on the Beach. That's where we shoot girls with an undercover camera at events like the Greekfest."

4. Your thoughts on other video companies that do similar lines like Cesar Video?

Jordan: "I'm glad more companies are in the game. Competition is good for the customers, and I'm motivated to stay #1 in the softcore Black market. As far as Cesar Video, I think a lot of people compare them to us because we have used a few of the same exotic dancers, such as Yummi, Kandice Kapri & Italia, however, if you look at our videos side by side, the differences should become clear. To me the difference between us & them is the same difference between Hugh Hefner & Larry Flynt. Our stuff is clean cut, their stuff is raw. As time goes on the public will more clearly see the distinction between the two companies. Cesar's main competition is not us but all the other XXX hardcore companies like Video Team and those Black Cheerleaders guys. But Cesar Video has made it a lot easier for else to sell tapes to distributors and video stores. Since they almost abandoned mail-order and went direct to distributors before we did with their

"Sexy Dancer line of videos. No other amateur company, except Advance Video Productions, which has a fine line of videos, ain't even worth commenting on. Whoops, let me not forget DeUnique Video. We are not the same company. The owner of DeUnique actuallly threatened to sue me over trademark violation because of our company name. What a joke! And GM Video, those white guys who bring you all the white girls at those spring break events in Cancun, California & Colorado. People have said we are the Black version of GM, which to me is a compliment."

5. Why did we stop promoting our Sexy Black Women (TV) videos?

Jordan: "This company started on the underground. I used to hang posters (illegally) on street lamps all over New York City to sell videos. You come to a point where you break into the mainstream marketplace, such as having an ad in Vibe Magazine (owned by Time-Warner). Your generating real dollars, so you have to protect your assets. Translation, no more selling stuff off TV. Talk shows and music videos do have copyrights.

6. How did you get those Sexy Southern club dancers videos? Where was it made, it looks pretty wild?

Jordan: "Sexy Black Southern Booty is one of our hottest video series. I hope we can get some more footage like that soon. We met a guy from Alabama, who said he had some hot girls on video, we took a look and said DAMN. Maybe others want to see this, so we bought the rights to the footage. Which is great, we don't have to produce everything in house, we can buy somebody else's hot video. The videos are actually made in Alabama, a very conservative state. But the girls definitely know how to get buck wild."

7. Why don't you sell any hardcore tapes, your fans seem to be clamoring for it?

Jordan: "Hardcore is an interesting issue. Yes, some people want it, but my die hard fans, know that we will never produce it. That's what separates us from all the competition. Like I said earlier, this thing was just a hobby, I didn't get into it for the money and I think that shows in the quality of the work we produce. Hardcore is cool, but the truth is you would have only seen about 15 of the over 70 exotic dancers I have shot on video if our stuff was hardcore. One of our favorites Scarlett (from video NY37) was offered $3,000 to do hardcore with one of our competitors, and she turned it down. The truth is we have the best looking women of color ever captured on video, period. The XXX hardcore companies can't touch us. Plus when you think about the potential profits from softcore, it's staggering. A good hardcore film may sell 20,000-30,000 copies, but many don't even sell in the 5,000-10,000 range. Even the hottest lines like Black Cheerleaders don't crack that 50,000 barrier. But for a company like Playboy, these types of numbers are a joke. If you haven't figured it out yet, I consider UVP to be like a Black version of Playboy, except we've got the real thick sisters!"

8. Any chance you will do a dancer series video with porn stars like Obsession, Midori, Janet Jacme or Heather Hunter?

Jordan: "Yes, we would love to shoot some more porn stars. We just did a video with Menage-a-trois and that was great. I'd like to say she's an excellent dancer too. And that tongue, you have to see it in person to really appreciate it. Janet Jacme is the bomb, I used to purchase her XXX videos before I got into the business. Janet if you read this call me in New York. Heather is a bit too slim for one of our videos. Midori is under exclusive contract right now, so she's unavailable. And Champagne please contact me I'm still in love with your ass. Her ass is just about as good as it gets, especially on a light-skin woman, because of genetics."

9. When will the Freaknic & Daytona Videos go on sale?

Jordan: "Yes the fans have wanted these videos for some time. Daytona Beach, just went on sale on 7/24/99. It's amazing how many orders we just got over the weekend, from the internet, for those Daytona videos. The cameraman who shot that, named Junior of Junior Video, is amazing. Freaknic we are still trying to acquire the rights to some footage. Black Bike Week from Myrtle Beach is coming out in September of 1999. And the Puerto Rican Parade will hit the stores in September too. Peace to Telemundo which interviewed me for Channel 47 news. My first television interview, and it was lots of fun."

10. Any thoughts on the porn industry?

Jordan: "The porn industry is cool. I don't really consider UVP to be a part of it. We do advertise in all the Black Porn Magazines like Black Tail, which my website poll says is #1, Players, Pictorial & AVN. But our product is clean enough to advertise is such magazines as Vibe and Just for Black Men. I do follow it, as far as reading AVN, but that's about it. I don't go to the parties or the conventions, so most of those folks don't even know what I look like. They might be shocked to see that I'm Black and only 28 years old. That right there would blow them away. Blacks in the porn industry seem to make less pay than their white counterparts but other than that, I don't really see no differences. That's the same shit in the real world too!"

11. How many people work at UVP and is it a full-time job for you?

Jordan: "Is it a full-time job, you must be joking. The website alone is a full-time job and I work on that myself. The company started in 1995. It became a full-time job in 1996, in 1997 I hired our first employees, in 1999 UVP is in the position to go from unknown to name brand. Before UVP I was in the 900# phone business. Not sex lines, but "job" lines. Before that I published a newspaper called NY Job List, I was the youngest Black publisher in NY history. The only two things I love and would do for free are what I'm doing now, and being a scientist. Science was always my first love. And yes I'm a huge Star Trek fan."

12. How old are you and are you married. What does my family/wife/girl think of the company?

Jordan: "I'm 28 years old, single and have no children. My family is cool with what I do. All my male friends are envious, I get to work with all these beautiful women. My girl, who I just broke up with, was a bit on the jealous side. It gonna take a real strong woman to lock me down anyway. The complete package brains, beauty, body and a good spirit.

13. My thoughts on the Internet?

Jordan: "The Internet is really interesting. When I first started surfing about 2 years ago to see what the competition was doing, I noticed that most of the so called Black Sites, seemed like they were fake. Just some white guys with money who bought some photos and tried to sell them. To me that's the bullshit. Now even brothers are trying to do the same thing. The truth is all these sites have the same damn pictures, because they buy them from the same companies, and how many times does it take before the average consumer realizes this simple fact. Plus, many people think all you have to do is put up a web page with some sexy girls and you'll get ten thousand hits a week. Guess what, in the very beginning that might have been true, now there are just too many sex sites. You'll be lucky if you get 300-400 visitors a day! Our website was designed to do 4 things. #1 Sell Videos, #2 Show Lots of Free Photos, #3 Have Good Informational Content, #4 Entertain the Surfers. That combination has led us to be the #1 Adult Black Website on the Internet with original content. Right now we get over six thousand hits per day. Which is still the tip of the iceberg. The competition's sites are suffering, because before us they could put up a few skinny chicks or scan some pictures from Players Magazine, now they have to come correct. We even had some offers from a few of the top players in the industry who wanted to buy our pictures and do some transfers from our videos. I said no of course. My favorite site, just on the design alone is a white chick named April Hunter at, that's some hot shit. Cesar Video site is cool, but I don't think there selling too many videos online. But now they do have a members only area, so the fellas can charge up their credit cards.

14. Weren't you supposed to have a members only area on your site?

Jordan: "Yes we were supposed to but, that was just in the initial planning stages. However, until the technology allows surfers to download a video and keep the quality, we are not going to do a members only site. Let's hope DVD technology can do this in about 5 years.

15. In closing, anything you would like to say to the fans?

Jordan: "Yes, I want to thank each and every person who puchased a video. And to those who were with me from the early days, special love goes out to them. And for those who didn't think we could do it or would some how fail trying, like my man Puffy says 'we can't stop won't stop.'


Klimaxxx Looking for a Salesman

Jay Shanahan announces that Klimaxxx Productions is looking for an experienced sales person in adult video. You can either contact Shanahan at 818-407-5401 or John Gallo at 760-772-1928. Shanahan will be conducting interviews, and the position will be Valley-based.

Mike Albo writes: "Gene, Read with interest that Jef Hickey attending the debut of Rob Black's wrestling venture. Once again, this little bitch-a guy who actually CRIES in the mistaken belief that people will pity him-is out on the town and not repaying his debts. While it's no secret that I have promised to break Luke Ford's nose when I finally see him, I'm going to add Jef to my "hit list." Jef, if you're reading this, you better make an effort to pay me back, you fuckin' loser. I made a loan to you in good faith and you haven't even made an attempt to pay me back. I guess, for some people, a sense of honor and responsibility takes a backseat to hair daye and wrestling shows. Hope you think it's worth the trouble that's coming your way, punk."

Gene sez: "To add insult to injury, Hickey has also changed his hair color from blue [last week] to green, the color of M-O-N-E-Y."

Ron Jeremy's Billboard Pulled off Hollywood Boulevard

Ron Jeremy may or may not ever get his set of footprints enshrined on Hollywood Boulevard, but one thing's for certain. Jeremy's going to have to wait awhile before his billboard makes it there. Jeremy can chalk part of that up to his website connection with recording star Kool Keith.

According to the LA Times, on the eve of his major label debut album, rapper/producer Kool Keith pulled the plug on an Internet site being offered in his name with his apparent endorsement. Jeremy is the site's official spokesman.

The site was launched recently with 2,000 Keith fans being e-mailed invites to check it out. The site features graphic photos and film clips. Though Keith isn't in any of the porn shots, it includes some of him doing some mainstream hanging out. One photo pictures Keith with a Columbia records exec.

Keith's picture was also set to appear on a Hollywood Blvd. billboard with adult film star Jeremy, according to the Times, with a slogan reading: "Kool Keith Tested, Ron Jeremy Approved."

Keith who is appearing in a series of upcoming Sprite commercials, had approved the venture but never seen the site, according to him.

"Porn is part of his life, but his private life," Keith's manager Jeffrey Larner told the Times. "It was my idea to do this, and I convinced him it might be a cool thing. But he said he's trying to get away from that image." Push apparently came to show when a reporter for the Times called Columbia Records for comment about the site. Columbia had no official position on the site, but Keith evidently took it upon himself to 86 the project to stave off some potential embarrassment. Larner said he will create another site with Jeremy's involvement but without Kool Keith..

Maggie Knowles receives support of US Congresswoman Maxine Waters for safe baby food products

When Maggie Knowles learned that untested consumer products were being distributed to babies, she decided to take direct action. Inspired by the growing citizen activist movement, Knowles independently began distributing a flyer in her neighborhood telling parents about baby food products that contain genetically engineered grains.

{Knowles has produced and appeared in adult features and has been active with AIM Healthcare}

"I think it is criminal that untested genetically altered grains are being sold in baby foods," stated Knowles. Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman from the 35th District, was so impressed by the independent initiative taken by Ms. Knowles, she wrote a letter of support stating, "I agree with you, all citizens should be concerned about products which are not tested before they are distributed to consumers."

According to a Greenpeace report, baby food products from Gerber and IsoSou Ross Products allegedly contain genetically engineered corn