AVN Hall of Fame director Roy Karch had this to say about Bruce Seven:

Karch: "I was working at Gourmet and shooting their stuff since 1980. I had been doing video for a year. Actually in New York since 1974, but out here a year. Bruce comes in. He introduces himself. He sits on the desk and says, 'I've seen some of your stuff. Not bad. Now tell me about this video-thing. I just started talking. He started talking about filmmaking and we became friends. We never worked together, but I just loved the guy. He was really a strong friend. Just a nice guy. A man's man. He knew moviemaking and that was interesting to me at that point. But I knew video from the stuff I had done. I would feed him little info and he would come by to get the next thing. He kept up with my career pretty much until his got real busy. He was a giant in this business as far as I'm concerned. He's done some of the greatest work. I'll always remember him."