On Sunday, high above the waiting crowd, in the Adult Entertainment Expo's KSEX “studio” on the second floor of the Adam & Eve booth, actor Jack Lawrence and actress Annie Cruz exchanged vows before an actual minister, who deemed the couple's marriage to be “eternal.”

This was somewhat at counterpoint to porn jock Wankus' notation before the ceremony that last year's porn couple, Scott Fayner and Taylor Rain, had eternal wedded bliss for all of two months.

“But I'm sure this marriage will last a lot longer - at least three months,” Wankus added.

But nothing was going to short-sheet this ceremony, as the happy couple stood between actor/best male newcomer/best man Tommy Gunn and actress/matron of honor Daphne Rosen, made the expected responses to the minister's questions, and Jack slipped a gold band onto Annie's fourth finger. The couple's deep kiss completed the ceremony - and KSEX subscribers saw it all live.

And of course, there was the obligatory removal and throwing of the lace garter from under Annie's flowing white gown, and a crowd of about 75 stood below, hoping to catch it.

And this being a porn star wedding, the garter-throwing was followed by the less-seen ceremonial throwing of the bride's lacy thong bikini underwear - three times, in fact - some might call that “overdressing” - with each lacy thong bikini rubbed on one or another lower orifice of Annie's and tossed to the crowd.

The other fan-friendly thing about the event was, since it was held on a platform about 15 feet above the aisle, everyone got a good look at the bride's naked butt, aided by deliberate flashing by the bride herself.

A four-tiered cake waited in the Adam & Eve booth below. The couple descended the staircase, several cameramen in tow, and together cut the first slice of cake, then fed each other a piece of it as dozens of flash units illuminated every moment.

It was a porn star wedding to remember.