Starlet Gen Padova has been recently cast as the ex-hooker girlfriend of a hitman in an upcoming independent mockumentary titled Hitman. The starlet said that she’s excited about having the freedom to exercise her ability to act in a part that is both funny and dramatic.

Padova said that she's always been interested in playing the role of something other than a teenager, but never imagined she'd play the part of an ex-hooker girlfriend. “Talk about funny drama,” said the starlet.

"I've always been intrigued at the opportunity to play someone other than my boring self…but never really put much effort into trying to become an actor. You know how porn and mainstream acting rarely mixes well," she said.

"After doing porn for nearly five years, I've realized that often times my behind the scenes footage tends to be popular among the fans, because I'm more focused on being such a ham than focusing on whether my fake eyelashes are still on.

“So taking this opportunity will show a non-pornographic side where I can toy with my capabilities as an actress and not be just a hole,” Padova laughed, “and have fun, all at the same time. I'm excited."

Padova told that she has already shot some of her scenes for the release, and the experience, so far, has been positive. “The people in the movie are so down to earth, and it’s been a great experience…I got lucky to be involved with such a great group of people.”

Hitman is currently being produced by FSD Productions, and is set to release in January of 2007. Padova said the producers plan to first shop the movie on the festival circuit, and depending on the response they will release it on DVD.

Padova has also been in the works with Chatsworth Pictures to put the Blow Gen Blow chronicles into its own movie. In the title, every girl is set out to prove they love cock more than Padova and will go to extremes to prove it. Padova said that cat fights, spitting, hair pulling and face cock-prodding are just a few of the many things to witness in the release.

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