The nominees are in for the 2000 GayVN Awards, honoring the best in gay porn for 1999, with some eyes falling on four performers in particular - Blake Harper, Thomas Lloyd, Spike, and Kurt Young nominated for both Best Actor and Gay Performer of the Year honors.

They're four of ten nominees for Best Actor - Harper for his performance in Animus, Lloyd for Endless Pursuit, Spike for Spiked, and Young for Sodom. The other Best Actor nominees are Rick Chase (Dream Team), Joe Landon (The Apprentice), Tommy Lord (Cuffed!), Leo Lyons (Tales From The Foxhole), Chris Steele (Steele Ranger), and Grant Wood (Late Nite Porn). Lloyd is also a Best Supporting Actor nominee for his turn in Animus.

Animus, Dream Team, Late Nite Porn, and Sodom are also nominees for Best Gay Video and Best Screenplay.

The GayVN Awards ceremonies will be March 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Hollywood, with several of gay porn's biggest names scheduled to appear. Comic Bruce Vilanch will host the ceremonies, with appearances scheduled from Ken Ryker, Chat Conners, Tony Donavan, Jeff Palmer, and more.

Here is a complete list of Year 2000 GayVN Awards nominees, alphabetized by category:

--- Scott Batson

\r\nBest Actor \nRick Chase, Dream Team, Studio 2000 \nBlake Harper, Animus, All Worlds Video \nJoe Landon, The Apprentice, Delta Productions \nThomas Lloyd, Endless Pursuit, 10% Productions/Greenwood-Cooper \nTommy Lord, Cuffed!, Studio 2000 \nLeo Lyons, Tales From The Foxhole, All Worlds Video \nSpike, Spiked, All Worlds Video \nChris Steele, Steele Ranger, Rascal Video \nGrant Wood, Late Nite Porn, Stable Entertainment \nKurt Young, Sodom, Vivid Man

Best All-Sex Video \nAbsolute: Arid, Falcon Studios \nAss Lick Alley, All Worlds Video \nEruption, Titan Media \nRedwood: Escape To Fern Falls, Titan Media \nYoung Men on the Pleasure Trail, Boiling Point Productions

Best Alternative \n20th Anniversary IML Contest, Catalina Video \nThe Blue Velvet Video, CustomBoys/VideoSpoon Productions \nEndless Pursuit, 10% Productions/Greenwood-Cooper \nLove Inn Exile, 10% Productions/Greenwood-Cooper \nMaximum Orgasm, Pacific Media Entertainment \nMuscle Dreams, VistaVideo International \nThe O Boys: Parties, Porn & Politics, O Boys Productions

Best Amateur Video \nBlade Thompson's Real World 2, Blade Productions \nClay Strong's 10-Inch Video, Scott Sloan Productions \nDirk Yates Private Collection 134, All Worlds Video \nFirst Time Tryers 15, All Worlds Video \nManhattan Fuckfest 1, Burkei \nNew Meat 11, Allan Alan Pictures \nPueris Collection 19, Marais Media

Best Art Direction \nAnimus, All Worlds Video \nDescent, Hot House Entertainment \nDream Team, Studio 2000 \nHard Heroes, Can-Am Productions \nHow The West Was Hung, All Worlds Video \nThe Pharaoh's Curse, Men of Odyssey \nSkateboard Sliders, Tribal Pulse Productions \nSodom, Vivid Man \nStock: Sentenced/Released, Jocks Studios \nThick As Thieves, Sarava Productions

Best Bisexual Video \nBisexual Nation, Thor Productions/Unlimited Fantasies \nEncyclopedia Erotica 1, Sell Out Productions \nGoosed! A Bisexual Fable, Stable Entertainment \nMass Appeal, Men of Odyssey \nMiss Kitty's Litter, All Worlds Video \nRead Bi All, All Worlds Video \nSwitchcraft, Catalina Video \nVamBIres, Bi Now Productions

Best Director - Bisexual Director \nKaren Dior, VamBIres, Bi Now Productions \nJosh Eliot, Switchcraft, Catalina Video \nChi Chi LaRue, Read Bi All, All Worlds Video \nAnthony Rose, Encyclopedia Erotica 1, Sell Out Productions \nThor Stephens, Bisexual Nation, Thor Productions/Unlimited Fantasies \nMichael Zen, Mass Appeal, Men of Odyssey

Best Director \nKristen Bjorn, Thick As Thieves, Sarava Productions \nJerry Douglas, Dream Team, Studio 2000 \nKevin M. Glover, Endless Pursuit, 10% Productions/Greenwood-Cooper \nWim Hof, Rapture, All Worlds International/Czech Mate \nLucas Kazan, Hotel Italia, Lucas Kazan Productions \nBarry Knight, The Apprentice, Delta Productions \nBruce LaBruce, Skin Gang, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nChi Chi LaRue, Stock: Sentenced/Released, Jocks Studios \nAnthony Rose, Late Nite Porn, Stable Entertainment \nJohn Rutherford, Absolute: Arid, Falcon Studios \nDrew Warner, Leather Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nWash West, Animus, All Worlds Video \nMichael Zen, Sodom, Vivid Man

Best Editing \nAbsolute: Aqua, Devin Stone & Max Phillips, Jocks Studios \nAnimus, Billy Rich & Wash West, All Worlds Video \nDouble Cross, Drew Warner, Men of Odyssey \nDream Team, Andrew Rosen, Studio 2000 \nThe Final Link, Andrew Rosen, All Worlds Video \nLeather Trade Solos, Drew Warner, Sports & Recreation Video \nSkin Gang, Manfred Mancini & Joerg Andreas, All Worlds \nInternational/Cazzo Hard \nStock: Sentenced/Released, Delta Productions, Jocks Studios \nTechnical Ecstasy, Billy Rich, Men of Odyssey \nThick As Thieves, Kristen Bjorn, Sarava Productions

Best Ethnic-Themed Video \nAsian Persuasion 2, Catalina Video \nBlack Wishes, Catalina Video \nInter-Racial Interrogation, Oh Man! Studios \nLaid Black, All Worlds Video \nLatin Knockout, Brush Creek Media \nLatin Men Do, Catalina Video \nMade in the Shade, Ebony Vid International \nMi Pinga Loca, L.A. Brown Productions \nOff Da Hook 2, LaMancha Video \nTiger's Temptation, Latino Fan Club

Best Foreign Release \nAndel's Story 2, All Worlds International/Czech Mate \nFresh, Matt Sterling International \nHotel Italia, Lucas Kazan Productions \nHUNGarians, Savara Productions \nInsatiable, Centaur Films \nKnock Out, High Octane, Ltd. \nLucky Lukas, Bel Ami \nRapture, All Worlds International/Czech Mate \nTowel Off!, Marcostudio \nUnder Fire, Falcon International

Best Gay Video \nAnimus, All Worlds Video \nThe Apprentice, Delta Productions \nDescent, Hot House Entertainment \nDream Team, Studio 2000 \nLate Nite Porn, Stable Entertainment \nSkin Gang, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nSodom, Vivid Man \nStock: Sentenced/Released, Jocks Studios \nTechnical Ecstasy, Men of Odyssey \nThick As Thieves, Sarava Productions

Best Group Scene \nBetrayed, Thom Barron, Sebastian Gronoff, Carlos Morales, Kevin Miles & \nKevin Williams, Falcon Studios \nThe Final Link, Final Orgy, All Worlds Video \nHard To Hold, Vince Bandero, Cameron Fox, Jeremy Jordan, Nick Steel & \nravis Wade, Jocks Studios \nThe Heartland, Final Orgy, Junior Studios/Rad Productions \nHow the West Was Hung, Barroom Orgy, All Worlds Video \nNo Way Out, Final Orgy, Falcon Studios \nSkin Gang, Bastian & the Nazis, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nSting, Leather Orgy, Falcon Studios \nStock: Released, The White Orgy, Jocks Studios \nThick As Thieves, Opening Orgy, Sarava Productions

Best Leather Video \n3 Degrees Of Humiliation, MSR Videos \nThe Adventures of Ted & Mark, Altomar Productions \nD.C. Bearfest, Brush Creek Media \nFallen Angel 3: Initiation, Titan Media \nThe Final Link, All Worlds Video \nLeather Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nSkuff: Downright Dirty, Hot House Entertainment \nSting: A Taste For Leather, Falcon Studios

Best Music \nAbsolute: Aqua, E.M. Diaz & Beef, Falcon Studios \nThe Bite 2, Sonic Seduction & Chris Green, Catalina Video \nExposed, (???), Pride Explicit/Men of Odyssey \nThe Final Link, Thomas Lloyd, All Worlds Video \nHappiness Is A Big Cock, The Suckpuppets, VideoSpoon Productions \nLate Nite Porn, Sharon Kane, Stable Entertainment \nMarine Father, Navy Son, Julie Winchester, Dennis Walker & The Memphis \nHorns, Jet Set Productions \nRedwood, Lloyd Godwin, Titan Media \nStaten Island Sex Cult, Jesse Murphy & Marc Almond, Village East Productions \nWet Dreams, Francois Girard, Sarava Productions

Best Newcomer \nRobert Black \nFlex Dion-Blake \nCameron Fox \nLane Fuller \nBilly Herrington \nAndrew Lennox \nTommy Lord \nScott Matthews \nDylan Reece \nZach Richards \nSpike \nChris Steele \nChristian Taylor \nJeremy Tucker \nAlex Wilcox

Best Non-Sex Performance \nJanis Jones, The Bite 2, Catalina Video \nSharon Kane, Return to Sunsex Blvd., Catalina Video \nChi Chi LaRue, Switchcraft, Catalina Video \nLana Luster, Gays Of Our Lives Episode 2, Hollywood Sales \nJason Nikas, West Hollywood Hope, Studio 2000 \nNikki Richardson, Skin Gang, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nPreston Richie, Dream Team, Studio 2000 \nElizabeth St. Claire, Animus, All Worlds Video \nJulie Winchester, Marine Father, Navy Son, Jet Set Productions \nKurt Young, Rosebud, Studio 2000

Best Oral Scene \nAnimus, Blake Harper & Dave Nelson, All Worlds Video \nAss Lick Alley, Jason Branch, Blake Harper & Bruce Hill, All Worlds Video \nThe Bite 2, David Pierre, J.T. Sloan & Spike, Catalina Video \nThe Final Link, Clint Cooper, Austin Masters, Jason Ryder & Jack \nSimmons, All Worlds Video \nGod Was I Drunk, Tom Adams & Dean Phoenix, All Worlds Video \nHotel California, Dylan Reece & Spike, Jocks Studios \nLate Nite Porn, Justin Damon & Frank Taylor, Stable Entertainment \nStock: Sentenced, Spike, Karl Tenner & Gregor Yelson, Jocks Studios \nTechnical Ecstasy, Drew Andrews & Dean O'Connor, Men of Odyssey \nTrust Me, Buddy Jones & Chris Steele, Studio 2000

Best Overall Marketing Campaign \n3 Degrees of Humiliation, MSR Videos \nAbsolute: Aqua/Arid, Falcon Studios \nEndless Pursuit, 10% Productions/Greenwood-Cooper \nGod Was I Drunk, All Worlds Video \nGoosed! A Bisexual Fable, Stable Entertainment \nLate Nite Porn, Stable Entertainment \nLost Exit, Racy Pictures \nMass Appeal, Men of Odyssey \nNude Science, Great Dane Productions \nTag Team, Titan Media

Best Packaging \nAnimus, All Worlds Video \nBetrayed, Falcon Studios \nButt Munch 2: Back To The Crack, All Worlds Video \nDream Team, Studio 2000 \nLate Nite Porn, Stable Entertainment \nMan Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nMoan, Vivid Man \nRapture, All Worlds International/Czech Mate \nRedwood: Return To Fern Falls, Titan Media \nTechnical Ecstasy, Men of Odyssey

Best Screenplay \nAnimus, Wash West, All Worlds Video \nThe Apprentice, Michael Syn, Delta Productions \nThe Bite 2, Doug Jeffries, Catalina Video \nDouble Cross, Jim Steel, Men of Odyssey \nDream Team, Jerry Douglas, Studio 2000 \nLaguna Beach: A Love Affair, Thor Stephens, 10% \nProductions/Greenwood-Cooper \nLate Nite Porn, Donald von Wiedenman, Stable Entertainment \nPeters, Dino Phillips, Great Dane Productions \nSkin Gang, Bruce LaBruce, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nSodom, Dan Thomas, Vivid Man

Best Sex Comedy \nAnother Man's Hand, All Worlds Video \nExposed, Pride Explicit/Men of Odyssey \nGays Of Our Lives Part One, Hollywood Sales \nGod Was I Drunk, All Worlds Video \nHard Heroes, Can-Am Productions \nJockstrap, Vivid Man \nMoan, Vivid Man \nPeters, Great Dane Productions \nSchool Of Hard Cocks, Blade Productions/Video 10 \nStaten Island Sex Cult, Village East Productions

Best Sex Scene \nAbsolute: Arid, Billy Brandt & Dylan Reece, Falcon Studios \nThe Apprentice, Joe Landon & Chris Rock, Delta Productions \nBetrayed, Jeff Palmer & Kevin Williams, Falcon Studios \nChapters, Jason Branch & Blake Harper, Titan Media \nDescent, Marcus Iron & Aiden Shaw, Hot House Entertainment \nDream Team, Tony Donovan & Kurt Young, Studio 2000 \nEruption, Dean Coulter & Eduardo, Titan Media \nFULL-filled, Tom Chase & Lane Fuller, Falcon Studios \nPrivate Passions, Chip Noll & Cole Tucker, Jet Set Productions \nServiced, Cameron Fox & Gregor Yelson, Jocks Studios \nSkateboard Sliders, Tommy Saxx & Zachary Scott, Tribal Pulse Productions \nTales From The Foxhole, Lane Fuller & Leo Lyons, All Worlds Video \nTechnical Ecstasy, Sam Crockett & Chad Kennedy, Men of Odyssey \nThick As Thieves, Arpad Banfalvi & Zsolt Kopasz, Sarava Productions \nVirgin No More, Spike & Nick Steel, All Worlds Video

Best Solo Performance \nRobert Black, Leather Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nBilly Brandt, Absolute: Arid, Falcon Studios \nFranco Corelli, On His Own, Colt Studio \nJavier Duran, Bye Bi Buenos Aires, All Worlds International \nBuddy Jones, Wet Dreams, Sarava Productions \nJoe Landon, Joe's Big Adventure, Jaguar Productions \nZach Richards, In Touch Auditions 3, In Touch Productions \nDean Spencer, Man Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nTim Winzent, Skin Gang, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nMark Wolff, Feel The Power, Wolff Productions

Best Solo Video \n101 Men 4, Bel Ami \nFeel The Power, Wolff Productions \nThe Hot, Young Men of L.A. Heat #1, L.A. Heat Video \nIn Touch Auditions 4, In Touch Productions \nMan Trade Solos, Sports & Recreation Video \nOn His Own, Colt Studio \nStraight Off The Beach, Boiling Point Productions \nTitan Men 2: Size Matters, Titan Media \nWorship: Muscle Fantasies (Director's Cut), Can-Am Productions \nYoung, Hard & Solo 8, Club 1821/Brad Posey

Best Specialty Release \nBareback 2: Crime Pays, Dick Wadd Video \nButt Munch 2: Back To The Crack, All Worlds Video \nDoctor's Orders: Manipulation/Dilation, Club Inferno Films/Hot House Entertainment \nFist For Hire: On The Prowl/Working The Job, Club Inferno Films/Hot \nHouse Entertainment \nHard Punishment, Projex Video \nHellrazer 3, Talos Entertainment \nOiled, Grappled & Fucked 1, BG Enterprise \nPaddle Tails, Brush Creek Media \nPublic Submission, Grapik Art Productions \nRobert Black: Back For More, Zeus Studios

Best Supporting Actor \nChad Donovan, Moan, Vivid Man \nTony Donovan, Dream Team, Studio 2000 \nLane Fuller, Tales From The Foxhole, All Worlds Video \nAaron Lawrence, Dream Team, Studio 2000 \nThomas Lloyd, Animus, All Worlds Video \nGage Michaels, Peters, Great Dane Productions \nDean O'Connor, Technical Ecstasy, Men of Odyssey \nChris Rock, The Apprentice, Delta Productions \nJack Simmons, Sodom, Vivid Man \nTim Winzent, Skin Gang, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard

Best Threesome \nAnimus, Tanner Hayes, Zach Richards & Jack Simmons, All Worlds Video \nDescent, Jason Branch, Blake Harper, Marcus Iron, Hot House Entertainment \nGod Was I Drunk, Javier Duran, Brad Hanson & Chip Noll, All Worlds Video \nHard To Hold, Sebastian Gronoff, Marcus Iron & Addison Scott, Jocks Studios \nHot Wired: Viewers Choice, Jake Andrews, Mike Branson & Brennan Foster, Falcon Studios \nHotel California, Scott Austin, Buck Meadows & Spike, Jocks Studios \nLucky Lukas, Ion Davidov, Lukas Ridgeston & Vadim Hausman, Bel Ami \nRanch Hands, Trent Black, Christopher Scott & Travis Wade, Jocks Studios \nTag Team, Jason Branch, Paul Dawson & Josh Perez, Titan Media \nThick As Thieves, Marcio da Costa, Buddy Jones & Sergei Jordanov, \nSarava Productions

Best Videography \nAbsolute: Aqua, Todd Montgomery, Falcon Studios \nAndel's Story 2, Pavol Nikos, All Worlds International/Czech Mate \nAnimus, Wash West, All Worlds Video \nDare Devils, Sam Dixon & Alex Vinnick, Vivid Man \nEruption, Bruce Cam & Brian Mills, Titan Media \nThe Final Link, James C. Stark, All Worlds Video \nThe Heartland, Kevin Clarke & Barfield Majors, Junior Studios/Rad Productions \nHomebodies, Alexander Nevsky, Lucas Entertainment \nHotel Italia, Leonardo Rossi, Lucas Kazan Productions \nLate Nite Porn, Sam Dixon & Wash West, Stable Entertainment \nMan Trade Solos, Brian Stone, Sports & Recreation Video \nRanch Hands, Max Phillips, Jocks Studios \nSkin Gang, James Carman, All Worlds International/Cazzo Hard \nStock: Sentenced/Released, Max Phillips, Jocks Studios \nWet Dreams, Kristen Bjorn, Sarava Productions

Gay Performer of the Year \nDrew Andrews \nMarco Antonio \nBobby Blake \nJason Branch \nBlake Harper \nMarcus Iron \nDoug Jeffries \nThomas Lloyd \nJack Simmons \nSpike \nDavid Thompson \nCole Tucker \nTravis Wade \nKevin Williams \nKurt Young