According to a press release issued by Cobra Video LLC today, the company filed a lawsuit here by Writ of Summons on October 27 naming Sean Paul Lockhart, a.k.a. Brent Corrigan, and John Doe as defendants in a case stemming from Lockhart's allegation that he had appeared in gay XXX videos for Cobra while underage.

Lockhart notified the press through his attorney Chad Belville on September 13 that he had been under 18 when he performed in four 2004 Cobra Video movies, Every Poolboy's Dream, Schoolboy Crush, Bareboned Twinks, and Casting Couch 4.

The Cobra release states in part: "The Writ of Summons was filed through Cobra Video’s legal counsel, attorney Al Flora of Wilkes-Barre. Sean Lockhart has also been notified by Cobra Video’s legal counsel that he must appear in Luzerne County [Pennsylvania] on December 6, 2005 to submit to an oral deposition under oath regarding matters relating to his entry into a modeling contract with Cobra Video, the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the terms of that contract, whether or not Lockhart fraudulently induced Cobra Video to enter into modeling contracts for the purposes of obtaining trade secrets of Cobra Video and whether or not Lockhart conspired with John Doe to engage in such fraud."

Reiterating its September stance, Cobra Video avers that it has "color copies of the three State-issued forms of identification that Mr. Lockhart presented, including a birth certificate, all indicating a birth year of 1985."

Lockhart and Belville have told GAYVN that Lockhart's birthdate is October 31, 1986, and that Lockhart obtained false ID so he could enter the adult entertainment industry.

"Since the September 13, 2005, announcement," Cobra's press release says, "all requests for a State-certified birth certificate of Mr. Lockhart from Mr. Lockhart's attorney have been rejected. The issue is further complicated by the fact that the state that Mr. Lockhart was born in has declared birth certificates confidential documents, which can only be requested by the individual or 'immediate family'."

When GAYVN asked Belville why he and Lockhart have rejected Cobra's requests to see the real birth certificate he said, "Cobra owner Bryan Kocis was asked to stop contacting my client and to send all his requests to me. He continues to harass Sean with emails and phone calls. Until he begins to cooperate, neither will we. It's a two-way street."

The press release further states that "the owner of Cobra Video has not been contacted by any Federal authorities in regard to this matter."

At the same time, Cobra Video also issued an apology "to all of its retailers and valued customers for the inexcusable hardship, and disruption in business that this individual has caused and does appreciate all the support shown from other adult video companies, and from all their fans. Cobra Video would especially like to publicly thank their distributor, Pacific Sun Entertainment for handling such a difficult situation in a very prompt and effective manner."

Cobra's announcement concluded with the information that it has additional scenes of Brent Corrigan filmed after December 2004 that will be available in future videos.