KSEXradio.com personality Chef Jeff will direct BackAlleyHookers.com, a new series by adult Internet company PornProfit.com

A "reality" series in which "hookers" are picked up walking the backstreets, BackAlleyHookers.com figures to be a fun project for Chef Jeff, by his own admission. "PornProfit has basically given me the outline and cut me loose to shoot what I want," says Jeff, who also edits TheIndustryVoice.com as well as hosting KSEX's Recipes for Sex. "I also get to be the male talent for some of the shoots, I don't mind that at all, either."

"Chef Jeff has a unique talent and flair for this business and I knew immediately he was perfect for this project," says PornProfit content manager Nick Sabatino. "We are very pleased and excited to have Jeff work with us and are looking forward to creating some exciting new products in the future."

The new project was seeded in Las Vegas, when the two men met at January's Internext show and struck up a fast friendship. "Nick mentioned the project to me, I felt I could deliver what he wanted, and asked him to let me direct the project for him," says Jeff. "I shot the first one with my KSEXradio.com co-ho LisaSparxxx, the shoot went great and Nick brought me on board to direct 10 more scenes for the project."

He's delivered five scenes and is casting for five more, and models interested should e-mail three photos to editor@theindustryvoice.com.