Nikki Charm

CHOWCHILLA, Calif. - Shannon Eaves once made adult movies under the name Nikki Charm, but an October 2002 arrest and conviction for several counts of Burglary and Grand Theft: Auto have landed her here at the Central California Women's Facility, where she received a five-year sentence. She is seeking correspondence from her fans.rnrn

"I AM IN PRISON. It sucks!" she wrote to the AVN offices. Describing life in a women's correctional facility to be "not what you'd expect," the star of Strip Search and Charmed And Dangerous made the case for prison pen pals. Eaves wrote, "the women here could use some mail."rnrn

Eaves's birthday is coming up on February 21 and she needs some cheering up. Interested correspondents can write her at:rnrn

Shannon Eaves W97055rn
Building A501, Room 15, 4 Upperrn
P.O. Box 1504rn
Chowchilla, CA 93610-1504