Brigitta Bulgari told it is her dream to some day pose for her own calendar. That seems well within reach for the 22-year-old former model from Budapest, Hungary.

Now the half-Swedish, half-Hungarian stunner is an up-and-coming adult film star under contract with Europe’s Sins Pictures, which is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Pleasure Productions. She stars in videos such as High Class Eurosex 1 and 2, the second of which was just released, Fashion and the upcoming Solitaire.

Bulgari, who was modeling for a photo shoot at a gym when she was approached with an offer to perform in adult, said she receives the same question all the time.

“They always ask me why I choose the porno. I choose the porno because I’m a very open girl to do a lot of things,” Bulgari said in an exclusive interview from Budapest. “Whatever I do when I’m 22 years old, I do because I like it. Because I say I have one life. If I don’t do what I like, I prefer to wait.”

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Bulgari, who splits time between working in Milan and Rome, Italy and her home in Budapest, said being an adult actress affords her more time to do whatever she wants.

“I choose the actors. I work with the cameraman who I like. I work with the people I like. I’m a Libra. I’m very sensitive. If I say if I do one job, I want to do it perfect, and do it with a good atmosphere,” she continued. “ … If I make a porno movie, I become a dream for the man and for the woman.”

She admitted that on-screen sex comes with challenges. “In the porno, it’s not only to enjoy, it’s also the job. You have to make the scene,” Bulgari said. “The situation is not really easy. You have to make {angles} for the cameraman, open the legs, do the positions for the man to make a nice scene. To make a porno movie is not easy. There is soft, hard. I do everything. It’s important the feeling with the people. If you have a good feeling, I say I do everything. You can go with a lot of people, you have to choose the right person.”

Also known as Brigitta Bui and Brigitta Kocsis, Bulgari was a Penthouse Pet in May 2004 as well as the Hungarian Playboy Playmate of the Year last year.

Bulgari started modeling during her first year of college.

“I was ready to become a lawyer,” she said. “One agency from Milan came to make casting in Budapest, and they told me if you would like to come to Milan, I think you are enough nice to be a model. I leave school in Budapest three years before {graduation}, and I went to Milan to become a model. But I didn’t like the life of what the models do. They drink alcohol, smoke, go to the discothèque. I don’t like this life. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t like the drugs.”

She said some photographers tried taking advantage of her. “Whenever I try to make some photo, the man who try to make some photo try to contact me, try to touch me. I say to myself, ‘I don’t want to get my job because I opened up my legs. I don’t want to do something for one job,’” Bulgari said. “A lot of models who are 16 and 17 stay with old man. … She stay with him because she saw him on TV or they will go home with old man to get the drug, the smoke.”

Then they develop reputations, she added.

“I’m very happy. They don’t speak bad word. I stay far from this. I want to keep my name clean. I don’t go with nobody to eat. I don’t want to become like a lot of girls in Italy,” Bulgari said.

Bulgari likes to dress sexy and does not care what people think about it, which fits with her positive outlook on life.

“I feel good inside,” she said.

“…I have to be happy. I always say ‘live for today.’ Maybe tomorrow something happens. I have to enjoy. ‘Carpe Diem.’ This is what I want to say to everybody, my sentence for the world, ‘Do everything with the maximum.”

Bulgari grew up doing just that, competing in triathlons for four years in Budapest from age 15 until 19. Now she pushes limits both on screen and behind the wheel of fast, exotic cars.

“I’m very crazy for the cars. I like to drive,” she said. “I have a Lamborghini Gallardo, black. My favorite color is black.”

Bulgari says she sometimes will race her Lamborghini on the Hungaroring, the road course where the Formula One circuit holds the annual Hungarian Grand Prix.

In October of last year, Bulgari showed her wild side when she streaked an Italian soccer game wearing only bikini bottoms and a necktie. After being taken to the police station for questioning, she eventually posed for a naked picture with the police officer. Her notoriety in Italy skyrocketed as she appeared in numerous TV and newspaper reports the following day and was invited to be a guest on one of Italy’s leading TV programs.

“I’m really crazy,” she joked, adding that one of her preoccupations is being clean.

“Wherever I go the first thing I check in the house is if they have a washing machine. If I go home from a club, the first thing I do is put on jeans, and I put my dress in the washing machine. I like to clean my house a lot. I like to be clean.”

Bulgari, who owns two cats and a dog, said that people shouldn’t judge her by her appearance.

“That’s not everything. You have to show something from the heart,” she said. “I like to be very nice to the people. I like to give presents for my friends and my sisters. There are thousands of beautiful girls in the world, not only me. It’s important how to behave, and to be nice to people.”