Director Paul Barresi called me after a cancer scare when tests initially showed that he might have prostate cancer. Everything is A-Okay — he got a clean bill of health — but, naturally, it shook him up for a few weeks and the dozen or so snips for the biopsy were painful. Although at first he was going to stay mum, he's decided to go public. “It’s important for any guy over the age of forty to go in and have his prostate checked at least once a year,” Barresi urged. “No one likes to talk about it, but it's important to do."

How great it was to watch Sex/Life in L.A. 2: Cycles of Porn which was just released on DVD by TLA Releasing. German director Jochen Hick looked up some porn stars seven years after their appearing in his original documentary, Sex/Life in L.A. Hick filmed Cole Tucker, selling real estate in Palm Springs and reflecting on his past fame; Matt Bradshaw, who he found living with his sister in Louisiana with a bitter feeling about the porn biz; Damian Ford who is still in the biz performing and directing; and Kevin Kramer, working at a video store, still with glamour and stars in his eyes, and looking as cute as ever.

The DVD also delves into the barebacking issue and covers the online Internet house run by Chi Chi LaRue’s website Some of the things I didn’t know are that Cole is relocating to South Africa with his longtime lover, and that Matt really hated the work, but loved the people (and was practically run out of town because of his drug addiction).

After watching the DVD, I called Kevin to laugh about how candid his mom is in the movie. He said, “She loved being in it. She never did get to say everything she wanted to say though.” Kevin says he’s working on a deal for a big comeback project, and that we’ll be the first to know.

Gino Colbert promises the most beautiful Asian cock ever is attached to his new find, Eric Hung, who debuts this month in Four Score (distributed by Arena). Gino says Hung "has that charisma the camera loves." When Hung's co-star, Todd Smith, said his mouth was sore after sucking it, Hung told him, "You're not the first to complain." Gino has dubbed Hung the “Asian Sex Machine.”

It’s nice to see veteran director Jim Steel joining the Falcon team for a few movies for their lines. His Jocks Studios Driver and Falcon Up all Night are out now. The big Falcon news is, their Mustang line was relaunched and rebranded last month and John Bruno, of Massive Studio fame, was taken on as director of the entire line (he did the fabulous The Hunted). Steven Scarborough has guest-directed another Falcon movie, Beefcake, which will be out early this year. Falcon Director of Production Chris Steele continues to expand his talents behind the camera. I can’t wait to see his upcoming Big Dick Club and Spokes 3!

GAYVN Hall of Fame'er Kurt Young is back onscreen, although not naked, in Mike Donner’s Star Crossed for Adonis Pictures. Lots of people (particularly Jerry Douglas, for whom Kurt did his finest work) are trying to get the most-awards-winning gay porn star in history back into adult video, but Kurt has resisted. However, this non-sexual role as a super sleazy agent to porn star Sean West could be a step in the direction of coaxing him back in.

A contemporary of Kurt's who is making a sex-comeback is Steve O'Donnell. To prove it he sent me some new nudes of himself, and this blond is still as cute as Baby New Year! He’s putting out the word that he’s versatile, though prefers to top, and is the same six-foot, 165 pounds he was when he was in the All Worlds classic Flesh and Blood, Falcon’s Heatwave, Catalina’s Cat Men Do, Studio 2000’s Grease Guns 2, Hot House’s Raw Material, Centaur’s Hot Cops 3, and many more famous titles from the 1990s.

Finally, on a personal note, my father died after a long illness over Christmas, and the only reason I’m mentioning it is that when I saw him in the hospital bed in Florida, the only picture he requested to be near him that wasn’t family was a photo he had of him kissing Sharon Kane. When hearing of Dad’s demise, the legendary Miss Kane said, “I always enjoyed that he put a smile on my face whenever I saw him.” And I know my Dad was delighted that he got to meet the woman of his many fantasies live and in person. I think Sharon’s been the sexy angel on a lot of guys’ minds on their way out, and I’m glad she was there for my Dad too.