HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - Lucas Kazan Productions celebrates its 10th anniversary this spring. The studio has been winning awards almost since the beginning and the list is long, according to director of web operations Michael Gregory.

Hotel Italia, one of LKP's first titles, won the 1999 Hard Choice Awards for Best Director and Best Movie. The School for Lovers was named Best International Video at the 2007 Grabby Awards. In 2008, Kazan himself was inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame, LKP exclusive Jean Franko took the Best Foreign Actor GAYVN Award, and The School for Lovers was awarded a Maleflixxx Gold VOD plate.

In honor of LKP's 10th anniversary, German publisher Bruno Gmunder will release Lucas Kazan Italian Style, a 96-page photo book delivering, according to the publisher, "high-class Mediterranean masculinity."

"We never set out to build a factory and to crank out videos," Kazan said. "Instead, we aimed for higher production values, exclusive models and exotic locations. We believed back then, and believe today, that porn could be erotic and visually spectacular and professionally lensed. It is more than mere acrobatics. It's about emotions and our collective psyche."

A 10th-anniversary feature film is slated for production May 21 through June 2 in the southern Italian city of Puglia. Italians and Other Strangers, starring a multi-racial cast and a bevy of Italian newcomers, is expected to hit store shelves in the fall under the auspices of Paladin Video.