Falcon's then-CEO Todd Montgomery has always understood the notion that for many gay men, desires come down to wanting what you can't have.

"The unattainable is very attractive in many ways to gay men, and I think that it really starts in our childhood: You sense that you're different, you eventually realize that you're attracted to boys and you shouldn't be, and you really grow up for a period of time around all straight guys," he says. "I'm generalizing of course, but I think that attraction that cannot be spoken stays with us on some level... By inhibiting that level of expression, it manifests itself in adulthood as an attraction toward the idea of being able to seduce or turn or coerce a straight guy to do gay stuff."

That desire prompted Falcon to debut a new site in May: FalconStr8Men.com, which focuses on straight amateur men in a loft setting, with new content currently posted twice a week.

"I've always had a lot of professional and personal admiration for the Sean Codys, the Randy Blues, the Corbin Fishers because they really defined a new space in gay adult entertainment that didn't exist prior to the real broad adoption of the Internet," Montgomery says. "As we started to do our research to understand how we expand our brand into different consumer segments, I looked at search results and I talked to people within the industry. What I came away with was this really huge category that had growth potential."

Montgomery says the goal became how to define the site and create a distinct type of amateur content, while at the same time adhering to the Falcon standards of high quality. "A lot of it I didn't find very credible," he says. "I don't care what anyone says: I don't believe a straight man is going to [engage] in certain types of behavior with another straight man for money. There are just some lines that won't be crossed. What I realized is that there were a lot of straight-acting gay guys having sex under the guise that they were straight. So I felt we should go out with the real deal, and so all of our talent is straight."

The content will focus on solos with interviews, but Montgomery notes they will challenge the men to progress sexually. There are scenes with toys and circle jerks, and there could soon be scenes with two men and a woman, along with two men who may use toys on each other.

"We won't progress them past the point where we believe it diminishes the credibility with our audience that the guy is truly straight, and I think that is what will really differentiate us," he says. "There are lots of different elements that we want to incorporate so we constantly surprise our audience.... We're not going to get into the pattern where the guy jacks off, then he gets sucked, then he fucks somebody. We want to constantly keep mixing it up for our audience so it doesn't become repetitious."

The site's operations are based out of Chicago using Falcon's internal resources. While there is a Midwest vibe to a lot of the talent, Montgomery notes that a wide range of ethnicities will be represented. He adds that the majority of the site's models have not worked for other amateur sites.

"I want someone who's a little mischievous, a little daring, who can really interact with the camera. I want someone who's confident and masculine and can easily express sexuality on the screen," Montgomery says. "A beautiful body is great, but if a beautiful body is just sitting there jacking off, it's going to be boring.... All of our guys are going to have nice physical attributes in terms of their physiques and dicks, but what's really most important to me is their chemistry, and their ability to communicate that to the audience."

He adds that it was important to design something visually different, saying the site design stands out in that it isn't static and provides depth, using a more stylistic approach to present the content. The site will also have a blog, and there will be behind-the-scenes footage - with a twist.

"We're doing behind-the-scenes where we're going back to the point of origin. How did we find this guy? He arrives at the airport, he has dinner with the crew.... I think we're going to take behind-the-scenes one step further and provide a more holistic view of our talent to our audience, other than, ‘OK, guys, stop having sex and talk to the camera.'"

The site may also add live shows later in the year, and four DVDs collecting the content are planned, with the first one hitting this summer.

"This is a completely new venture for us," Montgomery says. "We are really launching a new brand, and a brand new type of content. So I just really wanted to focus on getting that right, and then add things as we become operational."

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